50+ Free Magazine PSD Mockups You Absolutely Need in 2020

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  2. 29 Magazine Brochure MockUps + 20 Background Textures

How long do you create a magazine layout in Photoshop? You need a nice ready-to-use mockup! Professional designers usually have a big collection of mockups at their disposal. These customizable design templates help visualize the best magazine layouts and present any creative project in a realistic way. With them, the audience can see how a design looks on a prototype.

By using Smart Layer and Smart Object functionalities, one can add their design to the source content of an image in a few clicks and immediately see the results.

Good mockups add the value of their own to the project, as they create a unique scene or composition featuring the given design.

Magazine PSD mockups.

In this article, I’m going to help you pick the best free magazine cover template available on the Internet. You will easily find a free PSD templates mockups for inner pages or a perfect two-page magazine spread.

Let’s appreciate the work of professional designers who share freebies with their colleagues to help them grow. Most of the work displayed below are available in the high-resolution version for a few bucks. So, try the free version, and, if you like it, think about spending a few dollars on a good mockup.

We’ll be looking at magazine mockups of various kinds: brochure-like, square and small-sized, opened-up, closed, side-view, and even flying. There will be nice object compositions and scenes in this collection, so I recommend viewing this post until you reach the end of it.

I hope that this hand-picked selection will help you make the right impression on your audience and make them appreciate your magazine or book design.

Many of the tools presented here will make a good, free lookbook template that is suitable for displaying branding projects. There will also be magazine advertisement templates that show how a certain ad will look on the pages.

As always, think of your target audience and try to imagine what they would want to see.

Let’s dive in!

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Pizza Creator & Scene Product Mockup

pizza creator mockup

At the present stage of development of society, the cult of food is gaining momentum. Many meal fanciers prefer pizza. In this case, you can attract more clients for your restaurant by creating a magazine with a realistic design. It is necessary to touch it, to see how it will look “live”, because it is not always possible to figure out so immediately what is good and what does not suit you. Photorealistic mockups for printed materials will help you make sure of the quality of pizza products. They are easily edited and allow you to “try on” any design idea.

Here you will find an image for many recipes, as well as all the most familiar and unusual ingredients, the existence of which they did not even know. You can accompany each of them with the corresponding text.

Magazine cover Product Mockup

magazine cover mockup

If you are looking for layouts, for example, for magazines, then this collection is what you need. Here you can download PSD mockups such as covers and individual pages. 

This layout allows you to quickly and easily configure smart objects. For the design of the magazine, this is extremely important. Because each of its pages should be structured. Here, all mockups are systematized and each of them has its own name.

In addition to the PSD file, you will receive ZIP, JPEG Preview, Help data. Design combines geometry and business style. Here you will see wide stripes and a chessboard, decorated in a pleasant color scheme. Of course, you can always change the hue or choose a radically different palette.

Magaine cover layout Product Mockup

megaine cover mockup

Superb volume and sheer minimalism are combined in this amazing magazine template. Thanks to the PSD graphic files, it can be edited and customized to fit your needs. Visually, the cover is a page divided into 3 horizontal parts. Each is framed in a different color. In addition, you can change this image and add a caption. This will allow you to create a lovely magazine to promote your product and brand.

Regardless of the industry in which you work, this template meets all marketing needs. It is flexible and multi-purpose and will be a great addition to any well-thought-out content strategy. You do not need much time to create it, because with the PSD format you can do it in a matter of seconds.

Napkin Mockups Set Product Mockup

napkin set mockup

This is a template for creating modern websites for magazines, culinary blogs, restaurants, as well as the stories of ordinary people and popular stars. It has many features to make a magazine site look professional.

The drag and drop constructor effectively helps create the right composition. Thus, you have the opportunity to create a beautiful site even without coding knowledge. Here you will find a set of 6 mockups. You can change the color and design of the napkin, as well as choose a different coating for tableware. Choose a background color, change the slope of the shadow - any options are available to you in the format of the PSD files. Which napkin to choose, with artichokes, in a cage or with ornate patterns, only you decide.

Men’s Trunks Underwear Product Mockup

mens trunks mockup

Use this layout to promote goods on the marketplace. Check whether the Adobe Photoshop CS4+ has been installed on the computer and enjoy the whole list of editable segments. The sample includes front, side and back side views. The resolution 9000x5000px enables users to apply the illustration  for a magazine, outdoor advertising, and even for an online shop.

Business owners can comfortably modify trunks overall look, colors of their parts (band or bottom), lightening, shadows. The template includes 3 smart segments and 6 pattern masks. The trunk images have a 3D projection and will enrich any magazine people review in a boutique salon or at a barbershop. 

There 5 samples to change the background shade and the picture opacity. The mockup set supports consumers with several video tutorials, however, the process is rather intuitive to apply. 

Beach Towel Product Mockup

beach towel mockup

This lovely template includes 3 pictures of an item in a high resolution (7000 x 5000 px) introduced in 3 dimensions. Its editable elements in pleasant pastel colors help personalize products and showcase them in a magazine used in the sauna or in a tanning salon.

Shop owners can design square and twistle towels also additionally beach slippers with this template. The sample contains 4 displacement maps that make the texture of the ware close to its realistic look. The mockup enables users to modify the color and layout of the sheet, glare and shadow levels. Designers can also change the background.

For a convenient use apply Adobe Photoshop (32/64bit) CS versions 4, 5, and 6, CC. The mockup supplies video guides to support the process of layout creation.

Gallery Wall Product Mockup

gallery wall mockup

This template is ideal for creators and artists, galleries and agencies seeking to demonstrate their distinctive approach and stylish design. This layout demonstrates how effective it can be if it combines simplicity and creativity. You will be grateful for the easy setup and multi-purpose applications.

You can design the pages of your magazine as an art display wall and decorate its front view at your discretion. Then put the image on the strips of your magazine. You can also use smart objects to attach your logo. In any case, you will find help files and video tutorials, so without much effort you will make your mockup exclusive and unique. Choose the color and design of the wall and person visibility.

Manicure Set Product Mockup

manicure set mockup

This layout is easy to use and convenient for beginners. Anyone who knows nothing about coding and programming using PSD files will be able to create an amazing journal website. Many fashionistas want to know how to design their nails. Here is a selection of images with step-by-step manicure instructions. You can independently change the color of the picture, as well as impose a different structure on the surface of the nail. Add your zest to every page and you will get the exclusive design of the whole magazine.

Here is an image of both a single finger and the entire five. Therefore, you can come up with not just one picture, but the whole story and depict it on your hand.

Animated Drop Shadow Effect Product Mockup

animated dropshadow effect mockup

In the era of digital marketing, the idea that print is dead is excusable. But you can turn your landing pages, social networks, emails and websites into an advanced business. To do this, we offer you to issue them in the city magazine. Believe it or not, the old-school marketing influence remains strong. Printing is alive and well and it could well complement your digital strategy.

Choose this template for magazines, brochures, books, and various types of prints. Sources are excellent for submitting your projects for the client or in your portfolio. Here you can pick up any shadow for any inscription, as well as play with light at your discretion. For this, you are provided with 20 PSD mockups.

Presentation Hall Product Mockup

presentation hall mockup

If you are launching a magazine website and also planning to sell online lessons or engage in oratory, then Presentation Hall Product Mockup will be a suitable layout for you. You do not need additional investments, this topic covers everything. Here you can play a real show. The theme allows you to set colors for different categories. You can display posts on the home page in various beautiful mockups and designs. With all the title options, design and color options, a logo and many others, you can customize your magazine to your taste.

Here you can create your personal portfolio magazine. So the reader will be able to see you on stage, as well as introduce yourself in your place. This effect of involving the user in the process will allow you to achieve success. Such a magazine will be popular with any audience that you choose.

Tablet - Product Mockup

tablet mockup

You can make great use of this fresh and feature-rich magazine template for any type of business. Ready for print, it offers 5 unique designs in psd format.

If you have a blog or an online magazine, you know that now this site is seen not only from computers, but in most cases from mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, your site should equally well present its content to users on any communication device.

The item includes horizontally and vertically oriented versions. Moreover, there are 3 texture backgrounds and smart objects and editable elements. They customize the mockup according to the needs of the business owner. As the product matches tablets it could be successfully used by companies’ receptions to demonstrate how innovative the enterprise is.  

Realistic Shadow Product Mockup

realistic shadow mockup

You will pleasantly surprise your customers if you present them with a beautiful magazine that you can leaf through at your leisure. This is a great alternative to todays’ social media obsession. They are made by professionals specifically for you to quickly customize according to the needs of your project.

Use this mockup to present your product or service in the best way. Play with chiaroscuro using PSD files. There are enough options to create a high-quality magazine and convey stories, features, interviews and much more to potential clients. Use this mockup to present your product or service in the best way.

Here you will get wallpaper for the background and stationary projects with quality textures. You can easily change the size, color, background, etc. If necessary, apply one shadow to another, move smart objects and make your own adjustments.

Easter Egg Product Mockup

easter egg mockup

Magazine templates like this brochure are too good to miss. Take care of typography design and create a unique magazine. This is especially true on the eve of Easter. Design a magazine in a festive style to increase the number of people who want to hold it in their hands.

Here you will find colorful pictures with colorful eggs. They are painted for the holiday with the help of various patterns. You will also find an easter bunny sleeping surrounded by carrots. These illustrations look very cute and will definitely interest children, their mothers and the whole beautiful half of humanity.

You can change the glossiness to your taste, as well as change the direction and shape of the shadows. Remember to add a matte or equally bright background color.

Poster Product Mockup

poster mockup

Multipurpose design is appreciated by everyone from individuals and agencies to large enterprises, and this magazine template does not disappoint. It is ideal for any industry. It has a clean, modern and clear structure that brings the marketing information of your business directly into the hands of your customers.

In printed matter, brevity is most effective. This magazine template embodies just such an approach to design.

It has plenty of room for fonts and images on the generous white background of each page. Post texts and impress customers with a magazine that will not let them part with your marketing message. Its neat organization and clean design ensures that you can post high quality information on paper and digitally.

Leggings Product Mockup

leggings mockup

If you want to increase the conversion of your page and make the fashion magazine even more popular, then download this mockup. Even in the digital world, people need clothes and many fashionistas prefer leggings. Here you can change not only the color of clothes, but also the skin tone. This will allow readers of the magazine to reject all racial prejudice. They will trust you more.

Such a magazine will be an excellent accessory for a fashion boutique. Each client will be able to quickly appreciate the variety of the assortment and note an unusual way of presenting information. If your target audience doesn’t like reading, then offer them your digital magazine in the form of a page on the Internet.

29 Magazine Brochure MockUps + 20 Background Textures
29 Magazine Brochure MockUps + 20 background textures

Magazine Mockup PSD by Jan-Alfred Barclay
Magazine Mockup PSD

This free PSD mockup template is perfect for displaying design projects. It has refined layers and smart objects that help you create a photo-realistic design. The mockup is easy to use and integrated. It includes four PSD template ready files and labeled layers. You will easily customize this magazine cover mockup to fit your needs and present your content or portfolio beautifully. The PSD mockup includes Isometric Covers, Front Cover, Inside Spread and Back Cover.

Magazine Mock Up Pack
Magazine Mock Up Pack

This is a mockup pack containing free smart object mockups: seven close up scenes, 12 standard view scenes, and 17 ready-made textures. It allows you to choose the view and proportion, as well as to replace the designs. Layers are named and well ordered; you can add your content and create a perfect magazine view in several clicks. The mockup features ultra-realistic page curves with the liquify effect. Opacity value, shadow, reflection and layer modes are customizable.

Autumn Journey Mockups & Photos Bundle Product Mockup
Autumn Journey Mockups & Photos Bundle Product Mockup

Photorealistic Magazine MockUp (FREE PSD) by Mhd Muradi

Photorealistic Magazine MockUp

Photorealistic Magazine MockUp

Here you have one more beautiful magazine PSD template for free download. It can be used for creating photorealistic inner pages of a magazine in an elegant and subtle manner. The product features Smart Objects and multiple layers, so you will have no problem adding your content or tweaking the background texture. You can also use your own texture to personalize the design even more. The mockup creates a fresh and luxurious look, so it is a perfect fit for your digital magazine.

Free Magazine Mockup by Marcin Jarka
Free Magazine Mockup

Have a look at this awesome A4 template for a magazine, which was created by young designer Marcin Jarka. The cover, inside pages, and background are replaceable. The author used render passes and created lightning effects on top of the smart objects. You will not compromise any visual effects by changing the background or adding your content. This magazine page template is best worked with in 32-bit depth, but you can switch to eight bits before saving it to .jpg.

Mockup Cloud
Mockup Cloud

This is a superb set of magazine cover templates for Photoshop! Ever dreamed of getting 150 high-quality magazine PSD mockups? Here you are. You can help yourself to a set of brochures, letterheads, business cards, stationery, flyers, and what not. Or you can download a free demo version that contains five scenes from the package. The demo version features selective gold/silver foil stamping, customizable backgrounds, and a Help file. Use it with Adobe Photoshop CC or higher.

Flatlay Magazine Mockup Template (FREE) by Ngan Mach
Flatlay Magazine Mockup Template

Flatlay Magazine Mockup Template

Flatlay mockup is a clean-looking, bright A4 magazine and catalog template for Photoshop. It is good for commercial and personal use. There’s a template for each cover (front and back) and one single spread mockup with changeable integrated backgrounds. You can present multiple creative projects with this free magazine ad mockup. And what do you think of this awesome natural texture? Will you keep it? Make sure you share the results of your work with the author of this product to let them see how their creation helped you.

Free Magazine Mockup held by a tattooed woman by Estefanía Fernández
Free Magazine Mockup held by a tattooed woman

Here’s a simple PSD cover mockup featuring a woman with a magazine in her hands. What a beautiful tattoo! Won’t you want to impress your audience with it? You can use this Photoshop magazine template for free in multiple commercial projects. Replace the mockup design with your own design by using layers and see your magazine cover in the hands of this beautiful female character with spectacular tattoos.

Free Magazine Mockup by Mockups Design
Free Magazine Mockup

Free Magazine Mockup

This free magazine spread template has a cutting-edge background that can be tweaked to your liking. It looks awesome and photo-realistic due to its modern design and high resolution. It includes seven shots from different angles to be used in your personal or business projects. You will enjoy working with this magazine layout template. The author combined colors and elements beautifully to create this unique magazine template.

Free Realistic Magazine Mockup by Estefanía Fernández
Free Realistic Magazine Mockup

Here you have one more simple and minimalistic magazine pages template. Add your design and see the magazine placed realistically on a wooden table or whatever background you choose to use. The mockup is customizable and free. You can find similar designs for iPhone, Smart TV, smartwatch, or even a travel mug by the same author. The deep warm yellow color used in this design will brighten up your creative projects.

A4 Landscape Magazine Mockup
A4 Landscape Magazine Mockup

A4 Landscape Magazine Mockup

Here is one of the best horizontal magazine spread templates you can find. This landscape-wide mockup features a smart layer and awesome natural-looking effects. It has been downloaded multiple times and used in a great variety of projects. Its authors say that they strive to work on the top of their ability in creating each design solution. They also enjoy receiving feedback from people who love their products and freebies. By sharing free resources, this studio claims to be spreading love.

This is a nice A5 magazine page mockup with smart layers and a maximally realistic look. It shows magazine advertisement layouts in a unique and stylish manner. Add your creative content inside them and create a unique magazine front and back covers, as well as inside pages. Like any other good page mockup, this one contains a bunch of smart objects. Press the Download button and get a new print-ready digital magazine in several clicks.

Beta A4 Magazine Mockup
A4 Magazine Mockup

A4 Magazine Mockup

This beautiful magazine or booklet mockup will look equally beautiful with colored or white pages. Its authors paid great attention to all the details, and you will surely notice this. It allows playing with lights and shadows, pasting your flat designs, and adjusting more elements. There’s a fuller version of this free magazine advertisement template available if you choose to upgrade your project.

Photorealistic Magazine PSD Mock-up by Raul Taciu
Photorealistic Magazine PSD Mock-up

This magazine or portfolio mockup defies gravity! And it also defies the notion that you have to pay for anything good. This stylish magazine template is an absolute freebie! Add your content to this awesome page concept and enjoy its photorealistic look. You will create cool magazine spreads without spending a single dollar.

One more amazing PSD freebie. You will get an editable cover and a file for a vintage magazine layout. This mockup delivers a minimalistic and realistic magazine experience that will work perfectly for your creative endeavors. The template contains three Smart Objects (cover, left and right page) and can be easily customized by anyone, even without much experience in design.

Square Magazine Mockup - Free PSD
Square Magazine Mockup

Square Magazine Mockup


A wonderful square mockup for your digital or printed magazine project. It will allow you to create awesome combinations of images, text, and smart elements. Enjoy this epitome to square design by adjusting colors, textures, light and shadow intensity. This square booklet mockup has separate editable shadows and allows switching between mockups. You can use this free template or choose a paid version that gives you the same mockup but with a higher resolution.

Psd Magazine Mockup Template US A4
Psd Magazine Mockup

Psd Magazine Mockup

This free magazine mockup template includes a cover page and one spread. Rendered in the A4 format, it is compatible with US letters as well. With simple yet good products like this one, you can save big and get closer to your dreams. The magazine page templates have a smart layer and ample space to host your content and high-resolution pictures.

Cover Magazine Mockup Presentation
Cover Magazine Mockup Presentation

Cover Magazine Mockup Presentation

Here’s a magazine cover in PSD for your next printable design. It was built with effectiveness in mind, so you’ll be adapting it to your needs with ease. Make instant changes in the smart layers and use this product for magazines, brochures, portfolios. Transfer your design ideas to a new project with smart objects. Just look at the binder side - how photorealistic it is!

Psd Magazine Mockup Vol9

psd magazine mockup

One more wonderful free Photoshop magazine template. This time you’ll have a back-cover page and an overhead view of an open magazine. This mockup has a professional and cutting-edge feel to it due to smart layers and layouts. Make your next prototypes of a cover and inner pages. Use this original overhead view to boost your creativity. You will get a printable result in several clicks.

Free Realistic Magazine Page Mockup
Free Realistic Magazine Page Mockup

Free Realistic Magazine Page Mockup

Here’s an awesome piece of art that contains well-named layers. You will enjoy working with four smart objects (10.5×8 inches) as well as making swift and solid changes in the mockup design. Colors, light effects, and shadows can be adapted to your creative vision. Your presentations will be refined and easily printed. The impression delivered by this free magazine layout mockup doesn’t come short of style. The pages in the spread have a nice photo-realistic curve.

Square PSD Magazine Mockup
Square Psd Magazine Mockup

Square Psd Magazine Mockup

This square free PSD magazine mockup is awesome and truly multifunctional. You can use it as a magazine template, or as a square book layout mockup with a softcover, or a catalog prototype. You will add your text and customize headers and footers beautifully. Use this opportunity to display your photos in uniquely designed layouts with a nice photorealistic feel to them.

4 Free Magazine Mockups by Adis Cengic
Free Magazine Mockups

You will find many awesome features in this free sports magazine cover template. The template is also suitable for creating brochures. Let’s start with a background that can be replaced to fit your design vision, then think of smart objects that are easily editable and backed by organized named layers and folders. The sports magazine template has a high-resolution and includes a help file. In fact, you are getting four high-quality mockups in one package.

Free Magazine Mockup PSD
Free Magazine Mockup PSD

Free Magazine Mockup PSD

A beautiful free magazine-format template with three smart objects (10.8 x 16). Smart objects allow you to change minor elements without losing focus and having to do too many movements. It has refined layers to showcase your bravest designs. It shows a realistically curved back cover and an inner page. Your projects will be ready to be printed and presented to clients or investors.

Free Brilliant Newspaper Adverts Mockup
Newspaper Adverts Mockup

Want to see and show how ads will look in a newspaper? This photorealistic and free mockup template is for you! It looks realistic and features four smart objects that will help you make this design your own. There are adjustable shadows and light effects, as well as a background that you can easily change. Your ad designs or other content will have a wonderful frame!

Modern Catalog Magazine Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics
Modern Catalog Magazine Mockup

This sample magazine layout was created in Cinema 4D and Redshift Render. It is a catalog magazine template suitable for all your branding, advertising, and design projects. This mockup is lovely, and you can get it free for personal and commercial use on the condition that you link back to the provider page. Traditionally, the template includes smart objects that make it highly adaptable.

Open Magazine Mockup Free PSD
Open Magazine Mockup

One more awesome product that will give you a chance to see how your best magazine advert looks on a page. The algorithm is super easy: you open the smart layer, add your creative content, and save the file - here’s your photo-realistic magazine design ready to be printed or shown around. And don’t forget to change the color of the background if you want the result to be truly unique!

Free Modern Open Magazine Mockup PSD
Free Modern Open Magazine

Free Modern Open Magazine

Here you have nice predesigned layers and ample space to showcase your content. This Adobe Photoshop magazine template doesn’t offer anything out of the box - just a traditional photo-realistic experience and easy-to-use smart layers. As a result, you get a smart presentation tool that will fit your multiple creative needs. And don’t forget to add a backlink to your final version!

Magazine Mockup from AlienValley
Magazine Mockup

Magazine Mockup

Your printing and advertising endeavors will find a good match in this free booklet mockup PSD. The page spread, the background, and the shadow are on different layers, so you can easily tweak any of them. The layer with the shadow will stack to the magazine layer even if you choose to move it. You also get the sample design in the package in case you don’t need your work to be too personalized.

Magazine PSD Mockups Vol-2
Magazine PSD Mockups

Magazine PSD Mockups
Magazine PSD Mockups

Please welcome these three PSD mockups that will transfer your presentation closer to the ocean. In the package, you will find three well-layered templates with smart objects. Use this package as magazine article templates or a magazine cover mockup. Just look at the background textures! I wouldn’t replace any of them. But if you choose to add your own backgrounds, you’ll be able to do it in several clicks.

Magazine Cover Mockup from AlienValley
Magazine Cover Mockup

Magazine Cover Mockup

Your photorealistic mockup experience from the previous section wouldn’t be full without this beautiful freebie. It offers a fully editable magazine cover with smart objects for your presentation. It includes a standard wooden background that you can change to fit your liking. With these two mockups, you can showcase your work from many different angles and views.

Free Magazine Cover Mockup +design
Free Magazine Cover Mockup

If you’re selling online books or you need a free fashion mag template to showcase your design portfolio, this tool will make your life easier. It is rendered in pink, with nice realistic shadows on the background. Of course, you can change all the colors in this free catalog mockup. The customizable PSD file comes in the package, and all layers in it are organized and named to ensure your maximum efficiency. The authors would appreciate if you gave credit to them when using this free tool commercially or for personal purposes.

Square Catalog Magazine Mockup
Square Catalog Magazine Mockup

Square Catalog Magazine Mockup

Here’s a nice example of a square booklet PSD template. It features a depth field option together with separate and easily movable objects and shadows. The design is not included, but you will easily add your own content. This template is a simple and multifunctional tool for your commercial and personal projects.

Business Mockups [Free]

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Magazine Cover Mockup
Magazine Cover Mockup

This Photoshop mockup is free to download, beautiful, and very realistic. It is perfect for demonstrating portfolios, apps, software, and personal creative projects. This cover mockup is a layered PSD with smart objects included. You don’t have to be a highly skilled photoshop professional to use it. If you like this template, write a word or two of feedback to its authors.

Magazine Mockup PSD Template
Magazine Mockup PSD Template

One more amazing free magazine article template for your best projects! It includes two inner pages and two covers - back and front. As usual, you are a double-click away from adding your content to the smart layers of this mockup. Backgrounds are also editable. Make sure you realize your bravest ideas and make your designs consistent with the rest of the branding materials.

Magazine Mockups from Pixelbuddha
Magazine Mockups

Here you will get three free magazine mockup templates. Check out the nice standard view scenes and the original close-up scene. Of course, you can change the textures and the design of the pages by using smart objects. This magazine template design features awesome visual effects: reflections, shadows with multiple layers, and environments. The textures of paper and background look natural. The page distortion is photorealistic too.

Cat Magazine Mockup

This is the cutest magazine or book template PSD in our collection. Sure, you can use it for more than just a presentation about pets. The template is a perfect fit for advertising materials, e-books, online magazines, and other creative projects. There are several smart objects you can fill with your content if you don’t want this pretty cat face on your cover.

Mockups with Golden Foil Effects


Here’s a mockup jackpot for you! A luxurious set of mockups will help you deliver a spectacular presentation or demonstrate your ideas to the fullest. You will get two magazine templates of US letter size, with cover and inner pages. And the best thing about this product is, of course, the gold foil that will make your audience catch their breaths. You can adapt the background, glows, and environmental lightning to your needs. When using the free magazine template for Photoshop, make sure you credit the authors.

Square Format Magazine Mockup
Square Format Magazine Mockup

Meet this awesome full-page magazine ad template that displays the best qualities of square design. It is minimalistic but full of style. You will enjoy the easy editing algorithm: first, you click on the space you want to add your content to; second, you paste your design elements into the window that opens up; finally, you return to the main file and see the mockup transformed. All the effects, including shadows and perspectives, will be there in your new design.

A4 Landscape Brochure Mockup
Brochure Mockup

Brochure Mockup

Here’s a beautiful brochure mockup a template that can be used as a nice presentation tool or a digital magazine prototype. Apart from traditional smart objects, this mockup features transparent backgrounds, separate shadows, lights, and shades. You can regulate the intensity of shadows and other visual elements to your liking. This minimalistic design is truly multifunctional and fit for different creative needs.

Free Book Mockup
Free Book Mockup

Free Book Mockup


I decided to add this book mockup template to my collection because of its minimal and universal design that can be used for any creative project. The template was crafted with great attention to details to fit the most demanding audience. The smart objects and layers make it super easy to edit. You’ll be given the full control over all textures, shadows, and colors. There’s a helpful PDF manual file for Photoshop newbies.

Free Digest-size Magazine PSD Mockup
Magazine PSD Mockup

Magazine PSD Mockup

One of the most beautiful magazine mockups out there. It includes the cover and inner pages with editable shadows, lightning, and background. All the photo-realistic features will remain uncompromised after you customize the mockup to fit your creative vision. Every object can be replaced with a double click, so the template is not only beautiful but also very adaptable. You can download a demo version of the mockup for free.

Magazine Mockup by Daniel Zajac
Magazine Mockup

In this package you’ll get three free magazine layout templates: a vertical cover view and two inner page spreads. The set has all it takes to make good mockups - well-structured smart layers and objects.

Free Customizable Magazine Ad PSD Mockup
Magazine PSD Mockup

A wonderful illustration of how far a free magazine mockup for Photoshop can reach in terms of quality. It features a high angle view that allows you to see three pages at once with one of them turned. The pages are filled with smart objects, so you will easily add your designs to them. The colors and textures of the background are adjustable too.

Free Photo Realistic Magazine Ad Mockup
Magazine Mockup

This amazing mockup is square and perfectly suitable for presenting your marketing ideas and magazine content. This simple magazine layout looks much like a brochure or a luxurious catalog. It has smart objects and smart layers for your convenience.

Two Free US Letter Magazine Mockups
Magazine Mockups

Magazine Mockups

Here you are getting two PSD magazine templates that are layered and prepared for your content and designs. As usual, you will get an opportunity to change the background and floor. You can also experiment with shadows and two different smart objects. Don’t miss your chance to adjust the front design and adapt the binding to your creative needs.

3 Free Magazine Mockup Templates
 Magazine Mockup Templates

 Magazine Mockup Templates

This is a set of three mockups that will give you everything you need to create a full-fledged magazine prototype. If you combine all three templates in one scene, your audience will be truly impressed. The magazine design templates are US letter size, with adjustable shadows, textures, and effects.

Free Magazine Ad Mock Up
Free Magazine Ad Mock Up

Free Magazine Ad Mock Up

This is a spectacular mockup scene that offers a lot of room for your creativity. You can edit smart objects on the inner and outer sides of the template. The scene also features an iPad or ink pen as a smart accent. Background colors are customizable. The photorealistic magazine mockup is carefully layered, so all the elements you see on the pictures can be adapted, moved, or hidden in a few clicks.

Free Square PSD Magazine Mockup With Customizable Inner Page Design
Square PSD Magazine Mockup

Square designs usually have a unique feel to them, so here’s one more opportunity to enjoy a quality magazine mockup. Note that the inner page with smart layers and the glow effect can be adjusted to your liking. These tools will also work as a beautiful square booklet mockup for your business presentation.

Free Beautiful PSD Magazine Mockup
Free Beautiful Psd Magazine Mockup

I absolutely love this clean and minimalistic mockup which you can download for free. With its smart textures and plays of light, the scene looks photo-realistic. Replace the original design with yours and create a spectacular presentation.

Free A4 PSD Magazine Mockup Isometric View

Magazine Mockup
Magazine Mockup

A mockup crafted with care won’t look anything short of perfect! This one was created out of the interior magazines photos using real shadows and A4 paper areas. There will be two PSD files in the package. Get it for free for personal and commercial use and let the author know you appreciate their work.

Free Magazine Catalog Mockup
Magazine Catalog Mockup

Magazine Catalog Mockup

Here’s another set of photo-realistic scenes for you. You’ll get a set of pages: front and back cover and two open pages. The mockups are of high quality, so you’ll find well-structured layers and separated shadows inside. Everything is ready for you to add your graphic element or other content.

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Free Magazine PSD FAQ

What is a PSD mockup? Is it a template that one can modify?

The mockup is a full-sized or a scaled model of a product to showcase, educate, advertise, or estimate the layout. Due to its editable segments and smart object the owner of the good can change colors, shadows or background of its view, or embed its label to the image.

Where can I get ready-made mockups?

There are plenty of sites that offer mockups for designers and some of them are even free. There won’t be any problems finding a suitable collection.

Why do I even need a mockup?

There are no doubts that you can draw it by yourself but a ready-made one will sufficiently decrease the time spent on finishing the project. It will also save you lots of effort.

Do I need to pay for the mockup if there are some free items on the web?

Well, you may find a nice mockup for free but it will probably be of worse quality than the paid ones. If you are creating a design for yourself or a friend – a free mockup will be an ideal variant. However, for commercial use, it is better to take the premium one.

How to pick out the best mockup?

Think about your audience – what viewers would like to see? Put yourself to the customer's place and choose the mockup you would be pleased to see in the project if you were a client.

How to choose a PSD template for a magazine?

There are some features of a good PSD template for a magazine:
-well-commented documentation;
-clean files and layers;
-full customization;
-different modes.

How does one use a PSD template to design the looks of a product? Are there tutorials for it?

The PSD templates include usually segments that could be slightly customized. Users may check whether they apply a relevant Adobe Photoshop version. All of them supply video instruction to support their consumers.

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