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After the design of the site is ready, it's time to show it to the customer. The easiest way to do this is to make a visit in person, showing how the site will look if you open it on various devices: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. However, designers and customers are often located in different cities or even countries. So you have to look for another way to present your work. Many people use mockups for this. It allows you to see how the design will look in real conditions. Mockup images are a great thing to help the designer in almost any area.

Mockup Templates

In essence, a mockup is a product layout, on which the author puts the created design. Mockup images are useful, first of all, in order to evaluate the results of your work. It's one thing when you look at the finished, but not platform-optimized work. And it's quite another when the same is presented directly on the platform for which it was intended. This option of presenting the performed work will most likely be appreciated by your customers.

In this collection, we have the best mockups for the presentation of the website UI design that you can ever find. We have many different mockups that will satisfy the taste of any visual gourmet and help you create presentations for any web projects. This collection contains premium mockups to demonstrate any website user interface or product. Among them, there are the well-known Apple devices in various styles and environments. From minimalism to space futurism. Modern mockups for the presentation of websites and commercial products, this is what every web designer needs.

It's very important for the designer to present his work correctly. The result should look as realistic as possible, ideally just like the real product. This approach has obvious advantages. The client sees everything with his own eyes and this directly affects him. So the designer’s chances of success are increased. As the designer shows not an abstract concept, but really working design.

So, good mockups are in fashion today. So it's worth replenishing your collection with high-quality ones. The files we provide are fully editable, you can change the colors and the design yourself. For example, you can change the background if design elements fit into the overall color scheme. Use them to create a professional presentation. Mockups include smart objects and are completely editable. This will allow you to create perfect images for your presentation.

For example, a brand logo is very often used in advertising, so designers should have as many of them in their arsenal as possible. Our collection includes many quality logos and is ideal for demonstrating your branding ideas. Files include smart objects, so the design can be changed to suit your goals. Transforming and editing the logos and other elements of the corporate identity is very easy.

In order to demonstrate their branding ideas, designers need high-quality mockups. Only in this way can they understand how the logo or other design elements on one or another physical medium will look. On the Internet today you can find a lot of free mockups, but there is a small problem, many of them are not original. Fortunately, we have very high-quality mockups for presentations or for the portfolio website.

As a rule, many mockups you can find today don't shine with an originality. But sometimes the corporate style requires a non-standard approach. In this case, it's worth paying attention to the futuristic styles. Many customers will surely pay attention to such a spectacular presentation. Especially if the mockup is as brave and bright as the design of the product itself.

Our collection contains high-quality images to display the interface design. And it's not just computers or mobile devices, there are also books, banners, frames, cards and much more. So there are mockups for all occasions. Our website provides an advanced search function, with which you can quickly find a suitable image. After you do the download, you can easily edit the images. For example, you can adjust such parameters as brightness or transparency. Please feel free to browse and download the set of realistic mockups from TemplateMonster for use in your projects.

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