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It is absolutely unimportant whether your business is connected to the internet today or not. Not using the full range of opportunities that numerous social networks provide is simply unacceptable. It is almost impossible to imagine the development of an effective strategy for online marketing without involving the resources of WordPress social media feed.

The recognition of your company, the popularity of your products, or the services you provide directly depends on your presence on the internet. One cannot but agree that managing accounts on several social platforms at once, publishing posts on relevant topics, and contacting interested users requires certain skills, abilities and, of course, time. Thanks to WordPress themes and WordPress plugins, you can learn the necessary skills to successfully promote your brand. The professional design of pages on social networks demonstrates not only your deep knowledge in this area but also your care and respect for your online audience.

Landing Page Plugin for WordPress: why it is important

Landing pages are the social media “tools” that play a key role in promoting your brand. Attracting more potential customers, as well as the process of improving conversions - these are the main functions of landing pages.

Since, as a rule, company directors do not have in-depth knowledge of technology and are unlikely to be able to write code, plugins for the landing page in WordPress are quite popular. With their help, almost everyone can easily create and, if necessary, regularly update information on the landing page for the presentation of their goods and services. Creating a personal library and applying the desired design is also available. Thus, you no longer have to turn to specially trained people for help.

3 Best WP Landing Page Plugins

Let's look at the following plugins that received the most positive reviews.

Beaver Builder

Thanks to the many templates ready for use, this plugin is in great demand. Of course, it will be a great starting breakthrough on the path to the success of your business.

The editing process is carried out through the drag-and-drop function: to change existing modules, just click on them and make the necessary changes. You can also add new items.

An indispensable fact is that it is suitable for absolutely all WP themes. If you stop using Beaver Builder, all of your content will be automatically moved to the WP editor.


With this plugin, you may instantly project the necessary pages and arrange them in an appropriate design. The autonomy of this designer allows its use, both with WP and without WP.

There are templates that are optimized for conversion with potential customers, leading services for email marketing and other additional tools.

Moving widgets involves the use of various backgrounds, data, video and audio files, photos, and registration forms.


This interface has a high playback speed and the ability to instantly edit. The layout of the page can be designed using columns and sections in which you can put slides, multimedia files, and other modules. At your disposal, there are widgets of your own site and widgets of WP.

Recommendations on Promoting your business in WordPress social media feed

Facebook, Instagram, and other online platforms - this is the place where people get almost all the information they need in everyday life. It is logical to use this popular internet space to advertise your business. We offer you some tips that can assist in the implementation of this idea.

  • Improve your publications by making them more catchy and visible to users. Use for interesting headings, paragraphing, various fonts.
  • Regularly review statistics on visits and interactions with various publications. This will help determine which content attracts visitors the most.
  • Use WP plugins designed specifically for online platforms.
  • Extend your attention to the content, because in most cases your popularity in social networks will depend on the success of your publications.

Social Media WordPress Plugins

An intermediate step on the path to the popularity of your business is the creation of a group of like-minded people in a certain place. This may be a social network or the WordPress site itself. Below are some of the most crucial examples.

Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons

The main feature of this plugin is the availability of simple social icons for online platforms, as well as email. To improve the design of the icons, you may apply various animation effects, leave them fixed, make them float, etc.


This plugin is free. With its help, a large group of people who can create their personal accounts is organized. They may also join various communities and exchange information through special messengers.

Social Media Auto Publish

After updating the content on your site, the corresponding posts along with the images are published on your pages on social networks, for instance, Facebook or Twitter. In the settings section, you can set the necessary requirements, according to which publications will be sorted by certain sections, categories, and accessibility criteria.

Social Media Auto Publish
Social Media Auto Publish


Perfect for creating forums on your website. The undoubted advantages include it being straightforward to configure and use, as well as full integration.

Price: Free

WordPress Themes Social Media



Compatibility with all WP plugins makes the topic we are considering extremely popular. Thanks to the significantly improved and updated parameter panel, the time spent on thematic setup is significantly reduced. The creativity and adaptability of this theme allows you to customize the page settings visually. All key formats of VP posts are fully supported.

Monstroid Squared

Monstroid Squared

This theme is distinguished by its versatility, the use of the bbPress and BuddyPress plugins previously mentioned by us, an excellent drag-and-drop of pages, as well as the presence of pages to represent certain categories of products, services and communications with your company.



This is a premium class theme that will suit absolutely any business specificity. To apply the thematic layout, you do not need skills in writing codes. Along with the template, special high-quality extensions are available. All pages are characterized by optimization for all devices.

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