Galfilter Wordpress Plugin
Galfilter is the gallery type wordpress plugin which is consist of custom post type gallery and filter of each category. This galfilter plugin will generate a widget and a sidebar area after setup...

Top WordPress Plugins for Your Online Business from TemplateMonster

Nowadays, web technologies are developing at a fast pace, and experts, in turn, grasp emerging trends on the fly to impress users. It is becoming increasingly difficult to surprise customers in this situation because every second website offers powerful functionality and a modern, stylish appearance. If you create a site with WordPress, it's as easy as shelling pears. In the first place, CMS offers a lot of cool tools for streamlining workflow, even without introducing any additional costs. However, if you are one of those who like to use all the possibilities to the maximum and get a brilliant result, then WordPress plugins are the right solution.

Do you still need help finding the best options? Welcome to the marketplace of premium, standards-driven WP plugin templates. They can move your project beyond the default WordPress functionality and solve different challenges you may be currently facing. Are you eager to switch from coding to dragging and dropping or increase consumer engagement with your content? Our WordPress plugins are well-coded, so you will easily be able to accomplish your goals.

What are the peculiarities of extensions, and how should we deal with them? It's time to reveal all the cards!

WordPress Plugins Template - What is it?

Most likely, there are no developers who have never heard of snap-ins and their advantages. Extensions are all the rage and are in high demand. Moreover, clients are looking forward to releasing new features because each option offers mind-blowing opportunities.

In short, a plugin is a program that extends the capabilities of a site without messing with the code. With it, you don’t need any programming to set up or modify the right tools. Your task is extremely simple - download and install the template and then enjoy your job. Thus, with a few simple steps, the add-ons turn your site into an online shop with statistics, a magazine with cool posts, an educational platform, and more.

It is impossible not to pay attention to the fact that they are quite flexible and easy to operate. Additionally, the TemplateMonster collection contains WordPress plugins that can be easily integrated even into older digital projects. Ready-made solutions are compatible with almost all popular versions, from WordPress 4 to the acclaimed WordPress 6. In addition, ease of use is ensured because you deal with them with the help of popular builders like Elementor or Gutenberg.

The purchase of an add-on ensured the success of your web project!

Solving Key Problems with WordPress Plugins

In the process of launching an online resource, consumers experience many problems. Of course, every entrepreneur wants to have an amazing resource for their company and add the best tools to it for the convenience of customers and employees. It is where the first stumbling block appears, as developers often strive to expand features without interfering with the code. As you already understand, the theme add-on is the solution. What difficulties do add-ons help to overcome?

The extension possibilities are wide, but you have no idea how much! Here are some common problems that snap-ins can solve:

  • Performance optimization. The speed of digital pages is one of the key concerns of developers. Add-ons help fix bugs and ensure fast and quality work.
  • Online store. WooCommerce themes help to implement basic eCommerce functionality and add various features. In addition, there are solutions for improving marketing performance and tracking sales statistics.
  • SEO. The promotion of the company is essential for its success. Extensions allow you to customize SEO parameters and optimize forms for fast promotion through search engines.
  • Navigation. If your project contains a lot of content, then easy navigation between pages is an integral part of a successful business. Snap-ins are great helpers in this matter!
  • Security. Customers want to be sure that their data is protected from theft, especially when it is credit card information. Protect your digital resource from hackers with add-ons and earn a good reputation.

WordPress Templates Plugins - Main Features

Developers take a responsible approach to choosing an item. They strive for the best-guaranteed solution to maintain the project. Snap-ins have all the necessary features and characteristics to avoid damaging the resource and harmoniously integrate into its functionality. WP layouts add-ins have clean code that is easy to edit and operate without errors. As a result, consumers do not need to worry about the little things and can simply enjoy the workflow. Check out all the advantages of add-ons and make sure that this is the best option to extend the functionality of the page:

Fully responsive

Modern website themes tend to adapt to screens of any size. This need is dictated by the fact that people are increasingly surfing the Internet on phones or tablets. Extensions take this into account and also provide full responsiveness.

Admin panel

Managing all the processes and tools of a digital resource is a real challenge for entrepreneurs. A convenient dashboard lets you control all operations and monitor all changes without hassle.

Ajax effect

If you implement any feature, ensure it is in the best possible way. WordPress plugins guarantee this and provide an interactive and dynamic interface in addition to basic functions. Creating intuitive search forms and convenient web forms is now easy with the integration of the Ajax effect!


All elements of the item layouts are of high quality and, thanks to Retina-ready, retain their brightness and clarity even on high-resolution screens. It means that consumers of Macs or iPhones will not feel uncomfortable with the incorrect display of buttons or images.

SEO friendly

You can increase the number of consumers and make your company more popular by using any advertising method. All Elementor templates allow you to improve and customize SEO parameters for fast and high-quality promotion through search engines.

Drag and drop content

It is a pleasure to deal with items without too many worries or puzzles. They are highly customizable due to compatibility with well-known website builders. For example, if you are used to dealing with Elementor themes, pick up one of the add-ons here and expand its functionality. And all this without coding knowledge!


WordPress plugins are great for different companies and purposes. Almost every add-on template performs several tasks at once and solves several problems in various areas of activity. How does it work? For example, let's take a look at the 3bit booking. The item enables you to implement a booking function for car rental, beauty, food delivery, tourists, and much more! Moreover, each version is modified for a specific industry thanks to themed icons and other elements.

Wide compatibility options

You can easily integrate the item into a form created in older and newer CMS versions. Most items are provided for WP 5 and above. WP 4 is also given attention, so you will also find solutions for this version.

Stand-alone operation

All add-ons are flexible and have a wide range of benefits. They are easily integrated into any theme from any provider, so you do not have to think and worry about compatibility.

Built professionally

Each snap-in layout is made with the latest trends and technologies in mind. Professionals in their field have considered all the little things and subtleties of dealing with CMS to get clean code and performance without interruptions.

24/7/365 support

If you ever need assistance when using our plugins and extensions, our support team will quickly answer any questions you may have.

WordPress Plugins - deals from TemplateMonster?

The TemplateMonster collection presents to your attention a large selection of WordPress plugins for different purposes. Here you will find the best solutions to fix problems, improve SEO, optimize pages, and expand the resource's capabilities. In addition, theme snap-ins have good compatibility and are supported by different versions of CMS, including the latest WordPress 6.

The selection includes special deals for different types of businesses, from news portals to hotels. Moreover, there are great options to improve the WooCommerce themes and improve your e-store.

Let's look at what other popular types of templates you can find in the marketplace and understand their features.


It's no secret that effective advertising in the business world is indispensable. If earlier, to announce your company, you had to hang out billboards or resort to commercials, now everything is much simpler. It is enough just to set up the form so that it is at the top of the search results and has several tools for communicating with visitors.

Advertising plugins are extensions that help increase the visibility of a website on the Internet and provide quality promotion. This category contains deals that make your resource optimized and ready for advertising. In addition, items allow you to add unique functions to your blog or online store. They are all clean-coded and compatible with well-known builders, including Gutenberg, Visual Composer, WPBakery, and Elementor.

Their functionality includes:

  • SEO optimization of pages;
  • Designing forms for mailing, contact, or registration;
  • Affiliate program for WooCommerce to sell your products through your partners;
  • The sales countdown is a great tool to remind you of upcoming promotions.

Marketing Extinctive Strategy

In the online business, customer satisfaction is one of the key tasks of the company. Therefore, marketing strategies play a primary role in successfully developing an online platform. In order for the project to be in demand, it ought to have the maximum number of tools for providing a convenient experience with the company, promoting and optimizing performance.

If you strive to succeed in this, then marketing snap-ins are a real lifesaver for you. This collection contains a lot of extensions to improve the digital resource and add unique features to it. Want to implement interactive charts or a cool booking form? It is not a problem with marketing add-ons. Compatibility with the Elementor and Gutenberg editors is also guaranteed!

Take a look at what else marketing add-ons help with:

  • Analytics - if you would like to visually show your company's achievements, sales statistics, or something like that, then items are a great option to add charts and tables and impress visitors.
  • Live chat and live call - connecting with a visitor is an excellent way to turn him into a regular customer, so apply live features to provide pre-sales or technical support.
  • Login via social networks - let clients register on your page with data from popular social networks such as Instagram or Facebook, and the number of customers will increase significantly.
  • Booking - the possibility of online booking is a basic feature that no prestigious restaurant or hotel may go without, so be in the loop and apply the snap-in to your business.
  • Product stories - add product stories with WordPress plugins to impress clients and improve your WooCommerce resource.
  • Multi-currency and multi-language - all themes allow you to change languages and currencies according to the needs of consumers.

Product Management WP Add-Ons

Organization of goods and services on a web project takes a lot of time for developers. It is not an easy task because everything should look harmonious and modern. Moreover, it is worth taking care that the page is not cluttered with products, and buyers easily find the right item. At first glance, it seems like an overwhelming challenge, but everything is much easier with management plugins.

The add-ons in this section are mainly designed for eCommerce companies, hotels, and delivery services. They provide a great opportunity to add modern features to WooCommerce themes. How about organizing products in a catalog or providing convenient filters to select the right units? Then you are at the right place! In addition, the theme is perfectly compatible with many system versions, even with the latest WordPress 6.

The list of features that you get by purchasing one of the management items:

  • Online clothing creation - if you are ready to give clients a unique experience and products tailored to their parameters, then provide them with the opportunity to create it themselves with a WordPress plugin.
  • Filters for categories - filters are a must for stores with a large number of propositions so that clients easily find what they are looking for.
  • Listing - if you are still puzzled over how to fit all the categories and not take up much space, then refer to one of the listing layouts.
  • Slider - a great option for those who want to demonstrate the item in all its glory.
  • Catalog - a full-fledged WooCommerce Elementor resource cannot be without a convenient record of your company's suggestions.
  • Pricing - for those who present several deals on different tariff plans, pricing WordPress plugins is a real lifesaver, so сatch your chance to improve your project with their assistance.

How to Install WordPress Plugins?

Template plugins are flexible and easy to manage, so there are no problems with them at any stage. As you already understand, dealing with extensions is a pleasure. Firstly, they offer wide compatibility with builders and different versions of CMS. Plus, you are free from worries about editing and tweaking. Finally, with clean code, you avoid long loading times and errors.

Only one question remains: how to install the add-on? In this case, everything is simple! Moreover, there is a short instruction to complete this task quickly and without puzzles. Check it out now and get started:

  1. First, decide which add-on you would like to purchase. To see a list of propositions that suit your preferences, refer to the sidebar and set the criteria you need. Make sure the solution you like is compatible with the version of WP on which your digital project is developed. Try the demo and read the description to be sure of your decision. If you have finally decided on the purchase, proceed to checkout.
  2. The next step is installation. After downloading the add-on, go to your WP admin panel, click on Upload Plugin, and then Install. After that, proceed to activation.
  3. Voila! The process is finished, and you will enjoy the new features of the page.

Why Choose TemplateMonster for Your Purchases?

Nowadays, the number of companies providing turnkey IT solutions and services has increased significantly. Therefore, it raises the question of choosing the most reliable supplier. If you are still puzzled over this, then TemplateMonster is at your service. The marketplace has been in the IT market for a long time and improving over the years. It suggests a wide range of templates, CMS add-ons, including WordPress plugins, and unique resource development and optimization services. The company has an excellent reputation for friendly staff, reliable technical support, and quality products. Click here and find the best deal for you.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, to stay competitive in online business, you have to keep up with the times and add all kinds of tools to make things easier for customers. Of course, modern website templates are equipped with many basic features to streamline your workflow and delight your visitors. However, the tools are often not enough to get an ideal result. In this case, WordPress plugins come to the rescue.

Extensions are a great way to improve page performance and add cool features without tampering with code and other puzzles. In addition, they help you set up SEO parameters in the best way and guarantee fast promotion through search engines. Snap-in templates are compatible with different versions of CMS and website builders, so there are no strict restrictions. Responsiveness and clean code are included too!

Now that you know all the ins and outs of the best WP extensions, it's time to choose the best option and take your business to the next level. You can be sure that your resource is doomed to success when you use templates from TemplateMonster!

Top-Notch WordPress 6 Templates

If you are still in the stage of developing a website, then you need a high-quality, attractive template. WordPress 6, the latest version of CMS, is now at the peak of popularity, so consumers prefer layouts developed on it. It is also explained by the fact that it offers improved features, is compatible with many extensions, and may be easily updated. Convinced of the coolness of WP 6? Then it's time to dive into the topics for your project. TemplateMonster YouTube channel, as always, did its best and prepared a brilliant selection of WP 6 themes. Follow the links and decide on the best option for your career. Enjoy watching!

WordPress Plugins FAQ

Is it possible to improve SEO with WordPress plugins?

Yes. WP add-on templates cover a lot of needs and help with a variety of tasks, including SEO optimizations. Their expertise is in improving all parameters and ensuring effective promotion through search engines. Click here for some great SEO quick fixes.

May I add WordPress plugins to any WP web resource?

Yes. Add-ons are easily integrated into all web forms developed on the CMS. However, you need to check the website's version and ensure the extension is compatible with it.

Why are WordPress plugins good?

Add-ons have many strengths. First of all, it is an improvement of the website's basic tools. Additionally, they suggest optimizing and speeding up the performance of the project. It means you can handle code to implement certain features or improve them without dealing with code. Also, items have clean code, load quickly, and operate without errors.

What if I have problems with the WP plugin template?

Don't worry about anything. By purchasing the extension, you get 6 months of free support from TemplateMonster, so the best experts are always ready to give you detailed advice on any issue. In addition, you can always contact the product's author to resolve problems as soon as possible.