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S-Bet - Online Betting Multipage HTML 响应式网页模板 #52669——特色图像 1S-Bet - Online Betting Multipage HTML 响应式网页模板 #52669——特色图像 2S-Bet - Online Betting Multipage HTML 响应式网页模板 #52669——特色图像 3S-Bet - Online Betting Multipage HTML 响应式网页模板 #52669——特色图像 4S-Bet - Online Betting Multipage HTML 响应式网页模板 #52669——特色图像 5S-Bet - Online Betting Multipage HTML 响应式网页模板 #52669——特色图像 6S-Bet - Online Betting Multipage HTML 响应式网页模板 #52669——特色图像 7S-Bet - Online Betting Multipage HTML 响应式网页模板 #52669——特色图像 8S-Bet - Online Betting Multipage HTML 响应式网页模板 #52669——特色图像 9S-Bet - Online Betting Multipage HTML 响应式网页模板 #52669——特色图像 10


S-Bet Version 2.2 (November 13, 2020) Additions UPD: SCSS optimization; UPD: Scripts updated; FIX: Project structure; FIX: Minor bug fixes.

S-Bet Version 2.1 (Octobet 15, 2019) Additions FIX: Minor bug fixes.

S-Bet Version 2.0 (September 05, 2019) Additions ADD: Logo for Retina; UPD: Bootstrap Framework to v4.1.3; UPD: Popper.js plugin to v1.14.3; UPD: Owl Carousel plugin to v2.3.4; UPD: Swiper plugin to v4.5.0; UPD: lightGallery plugin; UPD: WOW plugin to v1.1.3; UPD: PageTransition plugin to v1.1.4; FIX: Minor HTML and CSS bugs.


The template is very nice and it’s very compatible with the system l bought as well, but wld hv appreciates it more if it was already linked with system
Its a good template but betslip section is really wanting, and its not working when used with django,.. Developer can look into that
Thank you for your feedback! Can you please be more specific about the issue you have? Also, please provide with your website link, we will check it closer - https://support.template-help.com/index.php?/Tickets/Ticket/View/YZH-376-99558.
The template that I bought and downloaded is very good. My boss has been very satisfied. The process of buying also was very good and convenient. But the checking method after buying by calling was not convenient, I think. Could it be other method like using email or secret key? I think it will be better method :)
Thank you very much for your feedback. Were really sorry for any inconveniences, however such security measures are taken only when customers make their purchases for the first time. Thank you for understanding.
This template is very wonderful and beautiful product. I will recommend this template to everyone.
la plantilla esta buena, lo malo son los psd que pesan mucho para su edicion.


I want to remove 'waiting animation'. How can I remove that?
We have submitted the request to our support ticket system. Please, expect the reply to your specific question in the support ticket MWY-680-69172
But what pages are required? Are you able to tell me which pages are included in the template please?
hi bro, look what I have created. http://bonusscommesse100.it/
What pages are included in this template? Would it be easy to convert to a wordpress template?
All required pages are included, and I think converting it to WordPress would be a nightmare, if you require CMS then I would buy the add-on service that is offered.

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