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Steel - Metal Fabrication Industry 响应式网页模板 #55571——特色图像 1Steel - Metal Fabrication Industry 响应式网页模板 #55571——特色图像 2Steel - Metal Fabrication Industry 响应式网页模板 #55571——特色图像 3Steel - Metal Fabrication Industry 响应式网页模板 #55571——特色图像 4Steel - Metal Fabrication Industry 响应式网页模板 #55571——特色图像 5Steel - Metal Fabrication Industry 响应式网页模板 #55571——特色图像 6Steel - Metal Fabrication Industry 响应式网页模板 #55571——特色图像 7Steel - Metal Fabrication Industry 响应式网页模板 #55571——特色图像 8Steel - Metal Fabrication Industry 响应式网页模板 #55571——特色图像 9


Steel Version 2.1 (November 26, 2020) Additions - UPD: SCSS optimization; - UPD: Scripts updated; - FIX: Project structure; - FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Steel Version 2.0 (April 28, 2020) Additions - ADD: Preloader Plugin; - ADD: Campaign Monitor Plugin - UPD: ADD Bootstrap 4.4.1; - UPD: Jquery 1.1.1 to Jquery 3.2.1 - UPD: Jquery Migrate 1.2 to Jquery Migrate 3.0 - UPD: Jquery Cookie - UPD: Jquery Easing - UPD: RD Google Map changed to Google Map; - UPD: Swiper Slider Plugin - UPD: UI To Top Plugin - UPD: Copyright Year Plugin - UPD: ADD RD mailform Plugin; - UPD: Offset system has changed - UPD: Convert HTML to PUG - FIX: Markup fixes; - FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Steel Version 1.1.1 (December 10, 2019) Additions - FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Steel Version 1.1 (March 05, 2019) Additions - ADD: Preloader Plugin - UPD: Bootstrap to v 4.1.3; - UPD: RD Mailform plugin; - UPD: Google Map updated; - UPD: SF-menu to RD-navbar; - UPD: RD Parallax changed to Material parallax; - UPD: Camera Slider changed to Swiper; - UPD: WOW animation script and css; - FIX: Minor bug fixed style.css - FIX: Minor bug fixed HTML files


I used the template for my client. It was easy to set up into the Symfony 5 project, including encore webpack.
This template has an excellent combination of elements for a commercial tradesman site. The style is very dynamic and clean. The code is very organized and efficient. Everything loads well with no bugs or glitches and is responsive on all devices. Overall I think the user experience is of a high standard and well thought out. There are lots of calls to action and ways to display many services for a company.
La plantilla es muy fácil de implementar y adecuar, realizamos las adecuaciones de fotos y vídeo sin mayores contratiempos. Cambiar algunas propiedades del CSS en cuanto a colores de botones puede ser los mas tedioso, porque esta muy dentro del código, que es extenso; pero obviamente su tamaño se debe a las características propias del proyecto. De la asistencia del autor no puedo decir nada porque no la necesite. Eso debe ser un buen punto para el templete mismo.
I like this template because of all the different pages and elements it gives you. There are so many options! And its clean and simple.
This is a well structured, clean HTML, CSS, and JS/JQuery templated website. This HTML website template is nicely sectioned to enable common components to be relocated/replicated as desired, and it is responsive to all devices viewed on. We used this particular website template for our own company website. Due to the templates quality creation, we were able to create our company website from start-to-finish within 3 days, including image swap outs, colour scheme changes, and content population. Another great template - and recommended.


I`ve just buyed the stock template without modifications, and the FONTS do not match. Please instruct on how to utilize the same fonts as the demo here on TemplateMonsters website.
Thank you for your comment! We have created a ticket for our technical support team, that will contact you as soon as possible, TICKET ID REU-431-13706. Thank you. Andrea Gonzales
I just loaded the stock template without modifications, and the FONTS do not match. Please instruct on how to utilize the same fonts as the demo here on TemplateMonsters website.
Thank you for your comment, Ken! Our senior technicians will gladly check this issue for you. Please contact our Support Team at http://support.template-help.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit and provide your admin and FTP details for further investigation. You can also join our live chat at http://chat.template-help.com/ to get immediate assistance. Thank you.

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