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Financial Advisor Website Template(理财中心网站模板)具有多功能性,它拥有为客户量身定做的、智能化和功能强大的控制面板。此网站模板具有响应性,即完美适合各种设备的屏幕和分辨率,加之,建立在Bootstrap 3.3上,这保证了此网站模板将在任何设备完美运行。由于此网站模板附带了大量预设网页页面和各类布局方案,使得它在调整起来时,就异常快捷高效。因此,不论您从那些预设的页眉和页脚入手,还是从大量预设的UI元素和网页模块入手,都可轻松解决问题。其中,为了更好构建你网站导航栏,该网站模板还加入了实时搜索栏和固定粘性下拉菜单等。还有,此网站模板提供您与客户通讯录填写模块,每位客户均可填写相应表格,送至您眼前。最后,此网站模板提供老客户评价推荐栏,由此可以使您在新客户眼中,更具可信度。


I would have given this template a 5 out of 5 but I had to dig a little deeper into the code in order to align and change the text logo to an image logo.
This Template Is Very nice and i love it and I love Monster templates
It is a great, modern and easy to configure, I recommend it for others to use. In addition, there is great support for the purchase of products as well as for their service.
Lo zip che permettono di scaricare è completo sotto ogni punto di vista. Il sito è ben strutturato, tutto in una cartella di modo che linstallazione si completa nel giro di 5 minuti. Ho anche avuto bisogno di supporto in fase di acquisto per la fatturazione: mi hanno risposto in chat nel giro di pochi minuti e si sono attrezzati per darmi una risposta più che esauriente in italiano. Il codice è ben scritto, molto professionale; il sito è responsive così come descritto e funziona alla perfezione su ogni tipo di device. Fantastici!
I cannot rate Template Monster templates too highly. They are absolutely excellent! The support provided directly by Template Monster is absolutely excellent too. They have an amazing support team of highly talented people who are always incredibly polite and friendly and always ask the questions can I help you with anything else even after providing a lot of help already. I dont know of any other online companies that offer a service of this quality and prices are highly competitive. I am a repeat customer and I wouldnt go anywhere else!


It&#x27;s possible to make it multilanguage?
Hello, Juan! Thank you for your question. Yes, you are able to make this HTML template multi-language via coding only. For more details please join our live chat at http://chat.template-help.com/. Have a nice day!

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