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KettyStore Magento Theme 响应式Magento模板 #55943——特色图像 1KettyStore Magento Theme 响应式Magento模板 #55943——特色图像 2KettyStore Magento Theme 响应式Magento模板 #55943——特色图像 3KettyStore Magento Theme 响应式Magento模板 #55943——特色图像 4KettyStore Magento Theme 响应式Magento模板 #55943——特色图像 5


easy to install, configure and works as expected. I can recommend this template
I bought this template for a sore and it looks very well on both desktop and mobile browsers. The installation was easy and the provided documentation is quite helpful. The archive that I got contains all forms of installation: theme only, sample pages, widgets and complete SQL dump.
Installation and configuration was very easy. The theme works as promised. The documentation is very helpful and I had no problem to work with this theme. The layout is just great and the distribution of the information helps me to build a great online store. The options of installation (full package, just theme, sample data) are very helpful too. We could work with the production version of the site besides of the full package.
Bought this template for a simple ecommerce store and it actually looks great and functions great as well, easy to install modules and very fast responsive.
this template was beautiful and I liked it very much



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