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Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 1Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 2Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 3Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 4Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 5Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 6Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 7Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 8Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 9Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 10Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 11Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 12Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 13Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 14Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 15Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 16Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 17Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 18Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 19Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 20Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 21Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 22Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 23Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 24Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 25Furnitta-户外家具PrestaShop主题 - Features Image 26

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Без проблем приобрел дизайн, как раз занимаюсь заполнением контентом. Рекомендую.
Au top, bon thème, installation rapide afin de travailler sur mon projet de création de site.
Very cool theme. Must recommend to any one looking to create a lovely ecommerce site.
Theme looks great and can be used not only to sell furniture. The animations / transitions on hover looks nice. Good solutions for mobile devices, product page images slider and category page filter slideout. I would say one of the best themes to use for mobiles. It is not app like solution out of the box, but at least very good starting point if you wish to have it. It has some issues here or there and I dont understand the purpose of TM Mega Layout module. I know that it helps positioning modules how you want, but I would prefer traditional hooks and code editing directly instead of using module for this. Also it adds additional wrappers. Maybe some developers find this usefull, so it might depend on the situation. Overall, really great theme.

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