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ProIndustry 响应式WordPress模板 #54938——特色图像 1ProIndustry 响应式WordPress模板 #54938——特色图像 2ProIndustry 响应式WordPress模板 #54938——特色图像 3ProIndustry 响应式WordPress模板 #54938——特色图像 4ProIndustry 响应式WordPress模板 #54938——特色图像 5ProIndustry 响应式WordPress模板 #54938——特色图像 6ProIndustry 响应式WordPress模板 #54938——特色图像 7


The template is very simple and friendly. its easy to install. You can modify many things. The template is very simple and friendly. its easy to install. You can modify many things. The file structure is transparent. Easy to configure and modify. A very intuitive way of making changes. I have installed many templates and I really recommend it to everyone who is looking for professional solutions. You will certainly be satisfied. Also your clients. The page on this template will be modern and adapted.
Прекрасный шаблон! Применил на сайте по продаже металла из Китая. Особенно понравилась простота формирования контента за счет инструмента Elementor. Очень мощная вещь! Позволяет без знания кода формировать изящные, современные инструменты для сайта. Меню, галереи, различные информационные, красивые и удобные детали сайта со ссылками, фотографиями и текстом. Сам шаблон хорошо продуман и удобен для сайта. Особенно порадовала тех поддержка! Все быстро, точно и в срок! Благодарю Безмерно!
Landing Page kupilem dla znajomych, szablon jest: -nowoczesny -prosty -przejrzysty. Na codzień, zajmuję się reklamą i od czasu do czasu tworzę proste strony dla swoich klientów, znajomych - zazwyczaj bazuje na gotowych szablonach, co ułatwia prace oraz skraca postawienie strony. Będzie to strona klubu sportowego. Ten szablon akurat będzie wykorzystany dla strony znajomych. strona jest pod adresem: www.art4u.media.pl/team By przydało się wicej rabatów dla stałych klientów ;) Jak najbardziej polecam ten produkt, dla wszystkich odbiorców od amatorów po pro. Tak, kontaktowałem się. Ocena 5/5 :)
ProIndustry WordPress Theme WordPress theme Write a review and get up to 25% discount
Good and easy handling of template - nice functionalities and awesome moving frames show a well balanced website for industrial purpuoses!


Hi, Is this theme delivered with the content / design &amp; photos of the demo ? Thanks !
Hello Djo. Thank you for question. After the correct installation of the template you will get everything you see in demo including design &amp; photos of the demo. You can also join our live chat at http://template-help.com/chat to get immediate assistance. Thank you and have a nice day!
Hi, I like this theme very much but I would like to make the menu stick at the top of the page when scrolling down. Is it easily feasible ? Thanks !
Thank you for your comment. Yes, it can be done via Wordpress admin panel.
Hello. I&#x27;m new on this and need to build a new sit for my company. We develop technology for industries. I&#x27;d like this theme, but I&#x27;ll need to change the images. It is easy to do this? Can I see somewhere how easy or complex it is? Best regards, Franco.
Very easy!

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