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Therapino - Physical Therapy 响应式WordPress模板 #62501——特色图像 1Therapino - Physical Therapy 响应式WordPress模板 #62501——特色图像 2Therapino - Physical Therapy 响应式WordPress模板 #62501——特色图像 3Therapino - Physical Therapy 响应式WordPress模板 #62501——特色图像 4Therapino - Physical Therapy 响应式WordPress模板 #62501——特色图像 5Therapino - Physical Therapy 响应式WordPress模板 #62501——特色图像 6


I purchased this template theme after talking with the templatemonster support. They were able to send me lots of designs and I decided on selecting this one. I followed the instructions and slowly and carefully uploaded the theme to my server with the wordpress site. I also worked out how to install the demo content too. The demo content is important as I find it easier then to change the elements for my products and photos. When I had a few small css issues the support staff were able to point me in the right direction and I was able to continue with no further issues. Very glad and happy and I will be purchasing other templates/themes in the future...thanks so much for helping me.
Great product. Easy to use once installed. Good help from support
Thought this would be an easy theme to set up and integrate, but far from it. After spending $75 on it I didnt want to waste a couple of days learning its ins and outs. There are better and easier alternatives out there. If you are thinking of investing in this theme, look under the hood first to make sure you can easily use it, otherwise youll find yourself in deep doo doo. Not sure this will be published though!!!
Excellent Wordpress Theme for Physical Therapists. Εasily manageable
Well-prepared, simple installation and customization. It contains all the necessary components.


Does the basic GPL Licence include de Booked plugin?
Hello, Andrés! Thank you for your question. Yes, you get appointment booking plugin along with a template. Have a nice day!

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