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24.Storycle-多用途新闻门户网站WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 124.Storycle-多用途新闻门户网站WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 224.Storycle-多用途新闻门户网站WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 324.Storycle-多用途新闻门户网站WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 424.Storycle-多用途新闻门户网站WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 524.Storycle-多用途新闻门户网站WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 624.Storycle-多用途新闻门户网站WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 724.Storycle-多用途新闻门户网站WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 824.Storycle-多用途新闻门户网站WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 924.Storycle-多用途新闻门户网站WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 1024.Storycle-多用途新闻门户网站WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 1124.Storycle-多用途新闻门户网站WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 1224.Storycle-多用途新闻门户网站WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 1324.Storycle-多用途新闻门户网站WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 1424.Storycle-多用途新闻门户网站WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 1524.Storycle-多用途新闻门户网站WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 16


24.Storycle ( April 26, 2021):

  • Added skin Sport Blog;
  • Added skin Tech Blog;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

24.Storycle ( March 31, 2021):

  • Cherry Plugins removed;
  • Theme rebuild;
  • Elementor Page Builder up-to-date;
  • WordPress 5.7 compatible;
  • WooCommerce 4.6 compatible.


IT - Tema fantastico con tutte le sue fuinzionalità ma poco intuitivo, molto pesante e lento a caricare. Inoltre, quando lho comproato (13/06/20) ho avuto parecchi problemi con i pluigin annessi, non ho potuto usare il tema per un po di tempo perché un plugin bloccava lintero sito wordpress, nessun conflitto con altri plugin, era un errore di codice. Lassistenza è cordiale, però non molto veloce. Il tema anziché facilitare lorientamento di chi lo gestisce, lo complica troppo. Ci sono sezioni che è possibile modificare, ma non specificate nella documentazione. Inoltre, la cosa più grave del tema e che non possiede un vero pannello di controllo dove poter tenere tutto sotto controllo. Ho chiesto il rimborso prinicpalmente per il mal funzionamento, per me il tema non vale 75€, forse 20€ si. Lo sconsiglio a tutti. A questa cifra è possibile comprare dei colossi su ThemeForest. - EN - Fantastic theme with all its functionalities but not very intuitive, very heavy and slow to load. Also, when I bought it (13/06/20) I had a lot of problems with the attached pluigin, I couldnt use the theme for a while because a plugin blocked the whole wordpress site, no conflict with other plugins, it was a code error. Assistance is friendly, but not very fast. Instead of facilitating the orientation of whoever manages it, the theme complicates it too much. There are sections that can be edited, but not specified in the documentation. In addition, the most serious thing about the theme is that it does not have a real control panel where you can keep everything under control. I asked for a refund mainly for the malfunction, for me the theme is not worth € 75, maybe € 20 yes. I dont recommend it to everyone. At this figure it is possible to buy giants on ThemeForest.
It is a very nice website template for a news channel or newspaper. I already purchased it and used it with jet element plugins. Its neat and clean template with the support of Google fonts and worked fine in my local Marathi language also. This template provides my article blog a professional newspaper look. It comes with a lot of built-in plugins like HubSpot and all users to the newspaper website. This template has included a lot of useful templates, especially mega menu templates which helps me lot. One can set up his/her own sidebar with sidebar templates. This feature is very useful when one can be built up a newspaper website and requirement of custom sidebars at every different page. It provides me a lot of liberty to work. This template has also proper settings to place your custom advertizes in proper places and monetize your website very proper way. Hubspot is also helpful for email marketing and other analysis. This template has also included a lot of small but useful plugins. I would like to recommend this plugin if anyone looking for newspaper website
Always excellent support and the theme is perfect. Elementor is the best tool to build and play with the theme.
Приобрел данную тему под новостной сайт. С установкой не возникло никаких проблем, очень понравилось отсутствие проблем на этом этапе - с предыдущими моими приобретениями возникали сложности(не ставился демо-контент, структура не соответствовала виду демо и т.д), здесь же всё поставилось на ура! Не могу дать оценку поддержки авторов, так как обращаться к ним не пришлось) Спасибо за функциональную и удобную тему, шаблон всем рекомендую!
il template è molto bello e funzionale, ma troppo pesante per essere caricato senza problemi



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