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Monstroid2-多功能模块化WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 1Monstroid2-多功能模块化WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 2Monstroid2-多功能模块化WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 3Monstroid2-多功能模块化WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 4Monstroid2-多功能模块化WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 5Monstroid2-多功能模块化WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 6Monstroid2-多功能模块化WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 7Monstroid2-多功能模块化WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 8Monstroid2-多功能模块化WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 9Monstroid2-多功能模块化WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 10Monstroid2-多功能模块化WordPress Elementor主题——特色图像 11


Monstroid2 (April 30, 2021):

  • Added skin Fashion Portal;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Monstroid2 (March 31, 2021):

  • Added skin Clean Language Course;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Monstroid2 (February 24, 2021):

  • Added skin Car Services and Workshop;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Monstroid2 (January 15, 2021):

  • Added skin Restaurant and Cafe;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Monstroid2 (December 22, 2020):

  • Added skin Bakery and Pastry;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Monstroid2 (December 1, 2020):

  • Added skin Design Studio;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Monstroid2 (October 30, 2020):

  • Added skin Charity Crowdfunding;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Monstroid2 v2 (August 27, 2018):

  • Elementor page builder instead of Power Builder;
  • A bundle of Jet Plugins;
  • JetThemeCore plugin to build custom headers, footers and sections;
  • Magic Button - a rich library of ready-made pages and sections to be imported right to your page;
  • 20 gorgeous skins;
  • Absolutely fresh design.


I just started designing with this theme and I absolutely LOVE it! Monstroid2 makes it soooo easy for anyone to use it. Highly recommend!
I have ZERO experience with Wordpress. This template was easy to edit and the Elementor feature was easy to learn. I was able to publish a great website for my business using this template with not much of a learning curve. Took about a week from start to finish. Saved myself $1,000s by doing it myself. Highly recommended.
Template is amazing. I had some problems with navigating and such, because I didnt use any template from them before. There was also little problem with displaying icons, but support helped me in like 5 minutes or so.
Too slow working. In google rate I have 7 from 100. So many problems with this theme
Tema maravilloso. Ajustado a lo que buscábamos y bastante completo, trae buenos complementos y constructor elementor visual muy intuitivo, bastante optimizado para seo, con auto instalador de los ejemplos y la posibilidad de hacer copia de seguridad, formulario de contacto, formato de Google Map, carrusel control deslizante, redes sociales. Compatible con todos los complementos actuales que él necesita. Recomiendo esta plantilla web, funciona muy bien, es ya la segunda que compro.



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50 MB of disk space
Memory limit per process: 64mb (128mb or more recommended)