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I chose the tool and equipment responsive shopify theme and quick store setup. The service was extraordinary and extremely quick to contact me for the available information so they could get everything started. They worked with me to get their admin rights granted and the site was up within a few hours. They did a great job, Im likely going to have them take my website tot he next phase and opt for the fully functional website package. Its definitely worth the money!
This theme out of the box is hands down one of the best weve found for small scale shops. Id recommend this one to anyone looking for an easy to navigate theme!
Very impressed with this template. Very easy to use and highly configurable without having to jump into code.
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Non è possibile cambiare i colori base?
You can manage the template to any way you need as our templates are fully editable including content, blocks, images, colors etc. Also, we provide 24/7 Support and video tutorials on how to edit the template. Thank you. <br/>
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