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Another great design from Template Monster, if anyone is struggling with creative genius, you should give these template a chance, they are user friendly, the staff at Template Monster are always available for tech support, not that weve needed to use it very often, but its nice to know its there - if need be. Im not sure what more I can add, other than to say, I also enjoy the discounts - hopefully this helps - Thanks Again
Excellent template - no problems with installation and customization.
This template is very professional looking, especially if you are looking to build a good Real Estate website. I have purchased many templates from Template Monster for my web design customers, and this one ranks with the best of them. The actual code on the html pages is very clean and required very little modification. If youre looking for a good, easy to work with, responsive website, this template is a good option.
Clean, interesting design. Its very good for the clients business. Im developer who use the templates from TemplateMonster for my clients. The client is very satisfied with this template from TemplateMonster. Id recommend this product to a novice and to seasoned professional because they can use the professional looking web template for quite reasonable price. The template is quite easy to update for the clients needs so you dont need the designers, coders, etc to get the high quality designs.
Le site est parfait pour un site immobilier, création dentreprise ou business. Il va être utilisé dans les prochaines semaines pour En fait, il sagit dun site HTML qui redirigera sur un site marchand en PHP moins doté pour le référencement

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