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5 Best Premium Online Chat Web Templates

Template Name Key Features Number of Downloads Cost
SEO Agent Parallax animation effect
Multiple header and footer layouts
A huge set of UI pixel-perfect elements and blocks
50+ ready-made HTML5 pages
Multiple gallery types, including Grid, Masonry, and Cobbles
287 $72
King News Rich UI kit with over 30 ready-made HTML5 pages
Multiple custom widgets
Fascinating CSS3 animation effects and transitions
A variety of working forms
Online chat
344 $75
FinExpert Multiple header and footer layouts
A huge set of UI elements and blocks
Advanced search and a neat contact form
Parallax animation
Chatting integration
384 $75
Transitec Rich UI kit with 45+ ready-made HTML5 pages, CSS3 animation effects and transitions, as well as a variety of working web forms
Multiple gallery types, e.g. Grid, Masonry, Without padding grid, and Cobbles
6 blog layouts including Blog Timeline
Online chat
Live search, etc.
477 $75
Grand Vector 50+ ready-made HTML5 pages
Multipurpose header and footer layouts
Live search and contact form
eCommerce page template
Appointment booking form
1031 $75

When running a business, no matter what kind, providing professional, user-oriented support is what makes your business stand out. There are many ways to take care of your potential and existing customers, but one that is often underestimated relates to a live chat. The latter plays a significant role in high-quality customer service building consumers’ confidence within their shopping experience and adding a human factor to your website.
To prove the significance of applying online chat to a website, Forrester’s research reported about 44% of customers who had found live chat one of the important stages in their journey through a website. So, how can you build trust with your prospect and existing clients and get more leads?
There are several ways to add a live chat to the website: setting up separate software or purchasing a website template with an already integrated chat feature. The second option makes sense for you if you plan to build the site from scratch or update an existing one.
A chatting website template is a ready-made solution delivered to you with a clean and responsive design and a bulk of handy tools for site customization. Most of our website HTML templates contain pre-designed pages and other ready to use components added to a rich UI kit. They allow flawless site performance on different screen resolutions due to a mobile-friendly layout, as well as higher engagement, traffic, and conversions due to SEO optimization.
Generally, a discussion tool, like a live chat, can significantly benefit any business niche since everyone strives to satisfy its customers with superior customer care. Still, there are many industries for which online chat is a must. They include consulting, travel agencies and hotel reservations, real estate and insurance, car rental and auto sales, hosting, auctions, online retail and eCommerce, restaurants and ticket booking, etc.

Chat Integration and Other Features Within Web Chatting Templates

Online Chat

Integrating online chat into your website allows improving communication with your visitors and making it more dynamic. When assisting via live chat, you have more chances to turn any interaction into a better experience and build trust with the prospects and existing clients. Companies that deliver excellent chat support experience increased consumer satisfaction and a higher number of sales. Since our templates all come with a built-in chat, you can greatly benefit from using one of them for developing a website.

A Variety of Working Forms

It sometimes happens that the visitors don’t have an urgent request, so they don’t want to get in touch with your specialists through live chat. In this case, a working, neat contact form will come in handy. They will also appreciate your care about them if you add registration, login, and booking forms.

Social Media Integration

Social media is another tool you can use to stay in touch with your prospective consumers. Among other things, adding social network links will add to your authenticity and improve search rankings. So, consider chat site templates with social media integration.

Rich UI Kit

Many of our website templates provide a rich UI kit that usually contains ready-made HTML pages, a huge set of UI elements and blocks, great CSS3 animation effects and transitions, Parallax scroll, and other tools. They add to site functionality and allow for an easier customization process.

Advanced Search

When considering web chatting templates, you may come across the advanced search option. We don’t recommend ignoring it, as it enables filtering out the unwanted results, getting more specific results, or getting relevant results faster. Besides, the insights into how your visitors perform searches give you a better understanding of the keywords you should be using for targeting. People visiting your website count on the search for immediate and accurate results. So, make sure to activate the search option when building a website using a live chat website template.

Chat Site Templates FAQ

What is a web chatting template?

This is a fully editable website template that provides chat integration, so you don’t have to get an additional app for setting up an online chat right on your website.

What way online chat can benefit your business?

To keep up with the latest trends, businesses should consider integrating live chat into the site to offer professional support to their customers. This is the reason why many eCommerce projects prefer settling on Facebook as it provides a handy messenger allowing them to interact with clients. Online chat has still an unused potential that can boost your sales and understand customers’ behavior. It also reduces support costs, helps to build trust with prospects and existing consumers, boost average order value, overcome objections, and, consequently, improve user experience.

How to set up an online chat?

You can set up an online chat on your website using the corresponding software or pick a chat web template with a ready-to-use live chat. All you have to do is just apply minor adjustments according to your brand identity. The customization may start with choosing the color scheme that would match your brand color. Next, make sure to set up a welcome message to personalize the first engagement and remember to upload a high res headshot for that. Also, consider adding your business details, e.g. name, website, and company name, and then enter your contact info.

How much does the chat site template cost?

The cost for a single live chat website template may vary depending on the developers delivering the product, the volume of functions, and other parameters. So, it varies from $59 to $79 per website theme.

How can I customize my website using a web chatting template?

Every single website template contains detailed documentation and a whole lot of customization options that allow tweaking the site without involving expert web designers. Although, if you don’t feel like you can cope with template customization, you can always order an additional TemplateMonster service, such as finding the stock images for a website, creating SSL certification, setting up an online store, or writing content.