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Best Google Maps HTML Templates

Each product on TemplateMonster is unique. It has its own set of technical characteristics. This selection above shows excellent Google Maps HTML templates suitable for any site created based on HTML. They are beautiful, fashionable, and stylish. Designs add charm and uniqueness to your online store or website. After all, despite being one of several buyers, you get a massive arsenal of settings to create a unique style for your project. This way is how you get the uniqueness. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the information in this material and start choosing.

Who Needs HTML Templates With Google Maps Features

These goods are beautiful ready-made designs for your site by a well-qualified web developer. You see changes for the better right after installation. Afterward, you may edit the appearance and add new content to sections.

As you see, this collection of themes has a common feature - the presence of a Google Maps. Who needs this feature:

  • Delivery services. In this way, you show the location of your offices.
  • Restaurant chains. Put the location of your food establishments so potential visitors can quickly find their way to your cafe.
  • Large manufacturers and companies. People must know the location of the company's office. This thing creates trust in you as a company. After all, you don't hide where you are and are ready to receive clients anytime.
  • Chain stores. For the same reason as restaurants, shops must also show people their addresses.

The list of potential buyers for these goods is growing every day. After all, with the help of openness to buyers, you create a relationship of mutual trust.

Benefits Of Google Maps HTML Templates

If you plan to buy themes with this feature, you will surely be interested to know its other characteristics. Our customers love these goods because of the following features:

  • Responsive page layouts. Immediately after installing the product, the website or online store and its sections become flexible and adjust correctly to any device size.
  • SEO-friendly. Everyone likes this feature. After all, every business tries to get to the top of the search results. The function helps you reach the rating faster.
  • Multicurrency and multilingualism. You need options for online payment and translation into different languages if you want to trade worldwide.
  • One-click installation.
  • Retina Ready. Gadgets from Apple and many other companies have unique screens with increased pixel density. As a result, your pages must become Retina Ready to avoid seeing blurry spots instead of pictures.
  • Extensive instructions. The manuals have understandable descriptions, even for beginners.
  • Constant updates. You won't see this feature in free similar goods. After all, web developers of free layouts need more resources for this. However, paid themes are constantly supported and updated. This point makes it possible to work without failures.

You'll find these and other features in the description of each product. The list of characteristics may vary depending on the web developer and the cost of his service.

How To Choose HTML Themes

First, think about how much you liked the appearance at the first viewing of the demo. Most likely, visitors to your site will have the same feeling.

Secondly, carefully read the description. It would be nice if the product had Retina ready, several currencies to choose from, a responsive layout, and other essential features for you.

Thirdly, remember about bonuses. Often, web developers add something as a gift to increase the value of their layout. These presents can be free support, additional images, plugins, vector icons, and more.

Google Maps HTML Templates FAQ

Is there support for Google Maps HTML templates?

Yes, customers receive support for free for six months.

Why are paid Google Maps HTML templates better than free ones?

They are more advanced in design and look as modern as possible. Also, all models have individual instructions explaining many settings and installation issues. You may also get bonuses such as constant updates, pictures, icons, additional graphics, and more.

How to get a discount on topics?

Remember that website design is a responsible matter. It is better to choose an appearance based not on the discount but on how well it suits you. For its part, TemplateMonster guarantees to place only the most attractive designs at an acceptable price on the marketplace. Do you want to see discounted goods? We have them. Please visit our sale section. Also, pay attention to the monthly package of MonterONE, if you often need to download designs for the website, graphics assets to manage several projects.

How to edit templates?

For this, web developers provide you with special instructions. It describes how and in what order to make the settings. Visit please our services section to get help.