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Nick Ermakov

My web studio easy maked web site for "nail shop" using this template. Good template and huge additional pages and layouts for use.

Reyder Hurtado

Beauty and fancy template, good prices. Nice colors and excellent design.

moureen macena

Haven’t used yet but I’m excited to try Will be back with an update

Gustavo Toledo Izurieta

Hello, the template has a very good structure and good coding. In addition to having more than one alternative for headers and footers, it is easy to apply and modify -if necessary-. The codes .css .js and html5 are very explicit and very well structured. Changes in color and effects are also affordable. The forms are easy to use. I recommend it for its great simplicity, good page styles and ease of use. Regards,

Minh Pham

I have been purchasing templates from this site for years and I have been super happy with the quality of the template. The template would have cost me at least $2,000 for each but I purchased most of mine for as low as $45 when it is on sale. You simply need subscribed to join their newsletter and you will be updated with the latest sales and promotions. I cannot speak highly enough. Once you purchase it, they will provide support as you are customizing the template to make it uniquely yours. I have never cross path with even one person from their team who has not provided me with excellent support. Their collection of templates is one of the largest in the industry. There are so many to choose from that you cannot go wrong. Plus if you have any questions or need their help, they will be more than happy to offer their advice and time. Please continue to support this amazing company so that it can stay around forever. It is for sure my go to stop when I need a template for my next project. I can personally testify that if you were to go and even have a web designer or developer create the same website, it would cost you so much more. In addition, sometime, I even buy two websites and combine the two as needed. Why? Let’s say that if I found one feature that I need from one template that another template that I really like does not have it, then it is actually cheaper to buy and integrate the two then to hire a web designer to add the desire feature onto my website. My lost but not until recently did I know that they offer this amazing support after you purchase their template. My last website, I practically went on their chat almost every day as I work on the template. And everyday, I would be greeted professionally by their team of support! If you have any issues with your template, they will help and work with you to find a solution. Well the point of my review is to tell all of you that this company will go above and beyond to provide you with excellent support.

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  • Adobe Photoshop CS+

    Adobe Photoshop CS+

  • Empfohlene Programme zum Entpacken von ZIP-Dateien: WinZip 9+ (Windows); Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)

    Empfohlene Programme zum Entpacken von ZIP-Dateien: WinZip 9+ (Windows); Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)

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    Sublime Text2 oder höher, Notepad++

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