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XML Flash. How to change pages order (AS3)

This tutorial will show you how to change the pages order in XML flash templates.

We are going to change Home page (first page) with About Us page (second page):

1. Open your .XML file ( often called “tfile_main.xml” or “main.xml), which is located in the “sources/flash” folder.

Locate menu text and change the menu items order:

After that is done, change pages order also. You can use simple copy and paste method.

2. Open your .fla file, which is located in the “sources/flash” folder.

Locate pages content using a Flash library (often called “pages”, “pages_all”, “all_contnet”, “Content” or “pages2”.

You will see frames for each page on the timeline. Simply replace all frames from one page with another one:

In this example, we are replacing first page(home page) with second page (about us page)

We are copying Layer2 and Layer1 from first frame and replacing it with a copy of Layer1 and Layer2 of the second frame. There could be more layers, in this case make sure to copy all of them from very tope one to the last one at the bottom.

Once that is done, press CTRL+ENTER to publish your .FLA file and see the preview. You may also use File->Publish Preview-> Flash.



Feel free to check the following video tutorial:

How to change pages order. Xml Flash AS3
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