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Version 2.1 (Oct 20th, 2022)

^Fix some small bugs;

+Add Discount for Halloween;

Version 2.0 (Oct 1st, 2022)

^ Upgrade Kickstart Package for Joomla 4.2.3;

^ Upgrade Page Builder Pro to v4;

^ Upgrade Framework to v2.0.11;

^ Upgrade Backup Core to v9.3.2;

^ Upgrade Portfolio to v2.0.7;

  • Fixed some problems with CSS;

  • Improved Responsive on Table and Mobile;

Version 1.1

  • Add Kickstart Package for Joomla 3.10.6;

^ Upgrade Kickstart Package for Joomla 4.1.0;

^ Upgrade PageBuilder Pro to v3.8.5;

^ Upgrade Framework to v2.0.7.

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Very good template, nice and clean. Not overloaded with demo content. Stephen has been really helpful, his support is the main reason to recommend this template.
Template wurde installiert. Schnelle Hilfe bei Problemen mit dem Template.
This template is a lot cleaner and easier to use than previous Joomla templates Ive purchased from other places. It doesnt feel bloated and it has a lot of features available. I am happy with it. Support has been great for it as well.
Excellent template, competent kickstart to get started, good support by the author!
Poor Documentation, would beed to add some links to generic template engine usage

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