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Frissítve: 2015. febr. 26.

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Client is very pleased with the styling of this theme. Extremely versatile and easy to use for other types of products.
Setup is simple. It really does provide a quick solution for a large scale sales situation. However, any further addons take you into the Prestashop community - where modules for common purposes may require one-time payment.. (There are many free modules also).. In our case, our project took about $100 in additional module purchases + quite a few hours of expert PHP programming to get exactly what we want. Ultimately, if you have programmers and a bit of extra funding - this store will do anything you seek... Otherwise, make sure your sales structure will be supported by the default offerings of Prestashop.... One IMPORTANT note is that this particular Prestashop theme is ONLY compatible with Prestashop version 1.6 (from an install standpoint).. Upgrading to v1.7 might involve extra fixes.. The project really begins by installing the free version of Prestashop 1.6 (Dont intall v1.7 !!).. Then you install the TemplateMonster theme on top of the Prestashop install - with optional demo product content.. If you have a wide variety of products and pricing schemes - it would be wise to allow a month or so of time to implement.. If you have basic products and pricing - you might be in 100% capacity in a few days... Overall, this is a very smart solution for all cases... AAAAA+
Really smooth and fluid but had a few bugs. However, Template Monster were quick to help and solve problems!
Template good for seo. Great customer support. It looks modern and smart. Makes all my needs satisfies. Great price.

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