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This template is very easy to customize. I enjoyed working with it. If youre looking for a template to do an amazing personal custom job, this is the right template for you. It fits into any kind of project you want to do, depending on how well youre able to customize. It simply makes your work come out better, giving your work the much needed professional touch effortlessly. If you carefully follow the install and configuration instructions, you wont have any issue using the template to your taste.
I bought template you can see in my actual web site: Ive been very satisfied with the very effective template and for the assistance I got. My customer, a new patended taxi-driver, is already getting requests after a few days!
*Because we choose the template 1) Appears at the top Clearly the telephone number provided at any time, 2) That its a really like to de design our client, 3) it is a clearly structured design. We are a co consulting firm in electronic commerce. SMEs have customers. The URL is no not yet ready. The quality of customer service is good, but were having tr trouble evaluating products.*
Lovely design, very well structured html code, a pleasure to work with.
Well coded.
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Hello. How do I install the html code? Is there a tutorial for setting up the site?
Thank you for you for your comment. Yes, please check this tutorial: How to install a template:
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