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Отличный шаблон магазина. Нейтральный дизайн делает возможным использование не только в beauty - тематике, но и практически любых других направлениях.
template was very helpful, very creative from the developers.
Хорошая тема, глюков не обнаружил, скачал поставил работает.
The folks at Template Monster did a great job in providing top-notch templates for e-commerce solution. We particularly like the contemporary, clean and professional approach in this template. Information is clearly laid out in hierarchy, all the elements are nicely aligned. This template is also highly compatible across different browsers, and is responsive across different mobile device, keeping the web development process at ease. We love how this template helps create a professional yet user-friendly web site.
This template is perfect for any kind of store. It is clean and minimal and and can be easily customized for your specific needs. I have used this template myself for my online store and have no regrets. Plus, Template Monster support is great and helped me whenever I was in need. Thanks.
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Can I upgrade Opencart to v2.3.0.2
Hello Atlas. Thank you for comment. Our Tuning team could upgrade the default template to Opencart 2.3x for affordable price. You can also join our live chat at to get immediate assistance. Thank you.
I am interested in buying this template and installing it in Brazil. Can I change the currency to Real and the language to Portuguese easily?
Hello Helio. Thank you for comment. Here is a link how to manage with currencies: and check this tutorial reagrding language - You can also join our live chat at to get immediate assistance. Thank you.
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