Electronic Store OpenCart Template
With this premium template your online shop can be more profitable than ever. It features a pretty simple design that allows the visitors to find the things they want to purchase in a few clicks....
Sales: 349
Support: 4.1/5
Air Conditioning OpenCart Template
This air conditioning store is designed in bluish colors. The layout of air conditioning OpenCart template is serious and clean, which conveys the idea of professionalism. Slider images come with...
Sales: 20
Support: 4.1/5
Car Tuning OpenCart Template
Car Parts OpenCart Template was developed following the latest web standards. The page structure is based on static blocks, which allows you to move elements easily e.g. product categories,...
Sales: 173
Support: 4.1/5
Travel Tours Store OpenCart Template
The impressive design of a travel site makes people dream about faraway places and exciting journeys. To set up the one that will welcome people in and inspire for traveling, make use of this clean...
Sales: 56
Support: 4.1/5

Ideal OpenCart HTML JavaScript Themes For Any Firm

Most programmers have preferences in choosing a programming language. The collection you see above has two of the most famous at once. That's why the selection has a name - OpenCart HTML JavaScript themes. The second programming language fits into the first, and both harmoniously exist. At the same time, the website gets precisely the desired, beautiful, modern, and unique design. The layouts authors also add several features to their goods to make them twice as attractive to buyers. See the examples in this selection and order to TemplateMonster faster!

What Is OpenCart HTML JavaScript Themes

These layouts for websites change the pages' appearance immediately after installation. At the same time, many details can be adjusted and edited.

JavaScript received its love from programmers for a reason. It has such distinctive features:

  • Cross-browser.
  • Ease of study. Beginners especially like it.
  • Lots of possibilities. The most commonly used parts are animation, auto-filing, pop-up forms, and other beautiful site details. Thanks to such elements, the online store receives the love of visitors.
  • Compatibility with HTML and CSS.
  • Simple code.

Where to use:

  • To develop front-end parts for the site. These are the visible details that visitors see.
  • To create a backend.
  • Due to its versatility and multitasking, giants in various fields, such as Google, Netflix, Uber, and eBay, use this programming language.

If your web resource uses all the most common and advanced technologies, it's easier for you to do business. After all, you'll find many specialists if you want to hire a programmer for the company's staff. And this is just one example.

Advantages Of OpenCart HTML JavaScript Themes

Products from TemplateMonster will never go unnoticed. Find an assortment for businesses that considers the specifics and displays them in a new design and functionality.

Thanks to the features, you solve many problems unrelated to the website's appearance. Among the popular options are:

  • Responsive. Compatibility with all gadgets is essential due to the growth of consumers and users of smartphones. Your sections become flexible and look great even on small devices.
  • Admin Panel. If you have a store, it's nice to know that it receives an additional dashboard where the sales department may record orders.
  • Online Store/Shop. If you see this feature in the list, know that the website receives all the functionality for successful shopping and ordering. At the same time, every detail is flawless and easy to use.
  • Dropdown Menu. The good-looking and convenient menu and Ajax search help the potential audience find the right goods category faster.
  • Online chat. A built-in consultant or compatibility with well-known services allows you to communicate with a potential client and convince him of the correct choice.
  • Blog, Gallery, Portfolio. These sections successfully and vividly tell about your company. Therefore, prepare colorful pictures and excellent text and add them to the pages. Use the services of a copywriter at the link to create unique articles.
  • Updates. The correctness of the work is one of the decisive issues during the purchase. All layouts from TemplateMonster receive the necessary updates on time.

Look at the filter on the left of the page, and find a list of all available features. Create your collection to search for the desired design by selecting tags.

Video To Help To Plan The Budget

Please find out how much it costs to create a new site and launch a project. Want more news? Then subscribe to the channel to see manuals, tips for finding themes, and learn how to install a layout.

OpenCart HTML JavaScript Themes FAQ

Who needs OpenCart HTML JavaScript themes?

First, mockups are attractive to everyone who starts a new project. You must present your brand colorfully, stylishly, and effectively at this stage. Secondly, companies with significant experience sometimes update the design of the web resource, logo, and other trademark details.

How to choose OpenCart HTML JavaScript themes?

You need to see a demo of all designs matching the characteristics. Narrow the list of suggestions to the most accurate one using the filter. Remember to read the description. This way, you determine what advantages and bonuses the author offers. In the end, make a choice based on the received data.

Is there support?

Despite regular updates, web developers offer an additional type of communication. Receive support free of charge for six months.

What is the difference between paid and free OpenCart HTML JavaScript themes?

The appearance immediately gives you an answer to the question. It's more thoughtful, technological, stylish, and modern in paid versions. Watch beautiful animation, logical structure of sections, and beautiful details. Also, the free versions don't have support, updates, and gifts. The list of settings is also minimal.