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I really love that template. Easy to install, simple to edit. It was easy to translate template. The theme has several widget areas that allows you to extend your theme functionality with any opencart plugins. This theme includes products reviews and reviews from visitors. This theme is SEO friendly and optimized for performance and these two characteristics are very important for any online store owner)
- Easy installation - Fresh design - Fair price - TM reachable for questions
the template looks very nice and support is good from template monster!
I like the look and layout of this template. The code is clean and very easy to modify to our needs. I had some trouble with the gallery photos on the home page so I contacted support team. Now Im still working on it. I can say that the stuff of this company is really helpful.
Recently i purchased template Medical Equipment OpenCart Template. I have to develop a website for the company from medical industry. I found out that this template also is the best suited for my clients requirements. For me was important that it is simple and easy to implement. My customer is satisfied with the final result. For all the questions Ive got the answeres in customer service at all my questions. So I think that TemplateMonsters customer service is on a high standard.
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