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Very useful and easy-to-use template. Unfortunately, the Responsive option works on the contrary: when you set it as Enabled, in fact it becomes disabled, and vice versa. In all other respects, the template is good.
Nice theme! Wev installed it on one of our websites and it looks great!
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Hi, We are looking to purchase this theme. We have few queries before we purchase it. 1. Is the theme using standard Open Cart checkout? 2. Is there any change in the Open Cart core files that your theme requires to function as we would be purchasing certain modules that would be running with your theme.
Thank you for your comment. We provide all source files of the template, so you will be able to edit them according to your needs. All our templates are designed to be fully compatible with all extensions and plugins. However, we can not guarantee the proper work of third-party plugins with our templates. Best Regards, Greg Brady
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