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Update Sep/06/2022

  • Updated custom select collections at filter 1 on section "Special Search".
  • Updated custom select collections at header sidebar right.

Update Sep/12/2022

  • Fix some small bugs

Update Nov/19/2022

  • Add function "Adjust equal height products" - can use in case products has image with different size.
  • Update in file: settings_schema.json, theme.scss.liquid, product-grid-1.liquid, product-grid-2.liquid, product-grid-3.liquid

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Fantastic support. Quick to respond, polite and able to provide a solution in record time.
It is really very simple. I am a person who has never dealt with codes, but wrote my site in 10 days. I think its awesome. And special thanks to the developers, as I ran into an error that I did not know how to solve it and they did everything the next day. 5 out of 5

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