Glamour Cosmetics Store Shopify Theme
Glamour Cosmetics Shopify Theme perfectly fits for stores selling Beauty apparels and Cosmetics. Theme is responsive and user-friendly as all the customization settings are provided in the admin.
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Fashionable Shopify Themes With Video Background For Your Website

If you have a store, get a website to promote and boost it. Shopify themes are the perfect choice to get wider exposure for your brand! Shopify themes with video background can make your store more engaging. Check out why.

What You Should Know about Shopify Themes with Video Background

These are themes that have videos on their backgrounds. When potential customers visit your site and see an impressive video, they stay there longer. So, the chances that they would make purchases are rising dramatically.

Using Shopify Themes with Video Background

Using a Shopify theme video background is more appropriate in online stores. The goods may be of any kind. So, all it depends on your type of business.

Significant Features of Shopify Themes with Video Background

All Shopify themes on TemplateMonsters are quite different. But it’s possible to highlight some similar ones:

  • video background: helps to attract the attention of customers and make the time they spend on the website longer;
  • parallax effect: creates the feeling of 2D effect;
  • responsiveness: the site will work smoothly on different screens;
  • retina ready: al the elements are of high quality;
  • online payment: your customers will have the possibility to make purchases online;
  • online chat: helps your customers to connect with you;
  • Google map: if you have a store in the city, your clients can easily visit it;
  • blog: lets your visitors know about the news and trends of nowadays;
  • different forms: contact, search, login, subscription, etc.;
  • visual builder: build your website only by dragging and dropping the elements.

Where to Buy and Download Shopify Themes with Video Background

You can do it on our marketplace TemplateMonster. It’s even possible to try Live Demo. After the purchase, download the theme. In case of any questions and issues, feel free to contact us and use our service.

Premium Shopify Themes with Video Background VS Free Ones

The great plus of free templates is, of course, the cost. With premium Shopify themes, you receive support, installation, high quality, unique appearance, and functionality.

How To Add Text, Images or Video to Shopify Store Homepage

Check out the video above and learn how to add text, images, and video to the site’s homepage or front page. You will learn how to work with the Pages and Themes sections in a Shopify theme. Moreover, you can use the knowledge customizing a Shopify theme with a video background.

Shopify Themes With Video Background Questions and Answers

How can I add a video to my Shopify website’s background?

If you have a theme with video background support, just choose the video you want to use. If you don’t have one, you have to use a plugin. Check out our background video plugins available now.

How long should the Shopify background video be?

The best and optimal time is about 10-12 seconds.

What video speed is optimal for Shopify websites with background videos?

The video shouldn’t be too fast or too slow. Perfect speed is a little slowed video that corresponds to its content.

What kind of videos should be on the Shopify website’s background?

These videos should correspond to content and the goods you sell. If your online store sells toys, it would be great to have a short video with a kid playing toys. If the website’s field is animals and pets, place a video of a happy person walking a dog or having fun with cats.