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Munjal Mayank

Awesome theme. Loved design / flow & coding standard. Cheers!

Abdullah Zubair

If you're looking for a theme for your bakery, then the Sweet Shop Template is not just right, but perfect. It has a very clean and neat design layout, it is absolutely easy to install, even without any technical knowledge, and what's more is that customisation is pretty simple, even for dummies. It has a theme layout builder, which, if you know how to use, can be very useful and practical in designing your website page layouts as you wish. If you're sceptical about creating your own layouts, then just use the demo site as is and replace the product images with your own, and wala....you have an awesome site that will bring visitors coming back all the time. I particularly like the page-loading animated image that shows cupcakes and ice cream. That is really awesome. Overall, I think Sweet Shop OpenCart Template is excellent in all aspects.

Timmy Yu

Wonderful! Wonderful templates at the best prices! With the help of this theme, we are able to get a visually tempting and fully functional e-commerce web site. The design is so diligent and creative, The rightful mix of creativity and functionality has created an attractive web site for at reasonable price. We are particularly impressed by the technical support of their professional team. Thanks to them for the incredible job!

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Bu ürünle satın alınabilecek ek teklifler

ONE Üyelik ücreti $229/’dır $199/’dır.

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