Ready Pro - Bootstrap шаблон адмін-панелі

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Ra187 Consultora en Informatica y Redes

Is perfect admin page, have all necesary and eas work and modify

Jonathan Juarez

great, easy to use and very friendly with the end user, congratulations continue to take products with this level

Scott A Scialabba

This was an awesome template!! Worked great no issues, and sleek design. There was so much there to choose from and there were lots of comments in the code so it was easy to make changes and remove or included whatever I needed I really wish there was a matching landing page to go with this dashboard. Also it would have been nice to have a few other pages, like a contact page, etc. Without these, I have to work this into another template, which is a pain and not the best

Giovanny Mora

Permite una maquetación rápida, funcional y progresiva agilizando la fase de desarrollo de tu aplicación

Caputo Paolo

Ottimo prodotto, funzionante è fatto molto bene. Complimenti

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  • Sublime Text2 або новіше, Notepad++


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