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Nguyen-Tri Huy

Excellent template. I love this one at the first sight. Highly recommend.

Tomáš Hubička

As a web developper i also need nice web pages and this was my choice #1. I was looking for nic and profesilonallylooking web template i could use for my personal web pages. This template offers great design and all functions i need. With this template my website looks profesionally and i can be proud of it. Implemented template you can see at http://www.hubicka.com and is allways, templatemonster was the best choice.

Luke Armour

This was what I needed to build the companies website. It was straightforward and easy enough that a relatively newbie could do it.

Yuriy Nogay

Very good template. Many different page layouts. In addition, there are the UI elements styled, which allows using the template not only for presentation website, but also for the functional websites, which support different processes automation and various workflows. We plan to use that template for the landing and sales pages to sell the services. In addition, we plan to build the internal pages with the complex forms using the styles elements like accordion, grid etc.

Gregg Vollman

Excellent programming and file structure recognized in TemplateMonster's website template #63506 (Median - Advertising Agency HTML5 - Responsive). It's currently under redesigning techniques and enhancement programming for our new website and advertising client, Govea Trucking, Inc. established in 1984, in south Florida USA. This template was recently purchased by EZ Duzit Websites (webmaster) and I must say, the ease of programming this template will be helpful in its production time as well as in-house costs to provide the final version for publication. The template's design, font, content and photography are great tools included in this package. I believe Govea Trucking, Inc. will be satisfied with this high quality product as part of their advertising expenses. Here's to their success! EZ Duzit Websites

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    Adobe Photoshop CC+

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    Редактор коду

  • Apache сервер

    Apache сервер

  • PHP 5.4+

    PHP 5.4+

Додаткові пропозиції до цього продукту

Підписка ONE за $229/рік $199/рік.

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