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Brush Sharp | Multipurpose Responsive Cleaning Services 响应式网页模板 #103907——特色图像 1


ME gustó mucho. Colores atractivos, fluida, fuentes coherentes, excelentes imágenes, estupendos efectos.
Данный шаблон имеет прекрасный визуал. Универсальный и подходит под разные темы бизнеса. В целом его можно использовать не только под тематику клиринга, а и другие направления. Адаптивен и хорошо оптимизирован, имеет документацию, мне как разработчику отлично подошёл. Соответсвует всем показателям поисковых систем. Чистый валидный код. Советую данный шаблон для всех у кого есть подобная задача.. В целом уже 5 шаблон покупаю. Пока были вопросы только по готовому шаблону вордпресс. А чистые html шаблоны радуют.
Thank you Белинский Александр Николаевич
This is a great template. Its clean and functions are expected. Its also simple to update and customer support is top-notch. Highly recommend this or any template from this author.
Thank you for your feedback Marc, truly apprecited.
Nice-looking template but just know that the images are not provided at the purchase. However, after leaving an initial review, Slidesigmathemes contacted me and graciously offered to send me the images. That was great service and is much appreciated! It must be said that with them reaching out to me, I have decided to change my rating for this product. The template has a nice layout and smooth flow. Thank you, Slidesigmathemes.
Hello Bronson, Thank you for your review, we would have loved a 5 stars review from your end, anything we can help you with to deserve a 5 stars? We are always here to help. Looking forward to hear back from you
Please contact our support team and provide us with your email so we can send you the files with images, if this helps :)
Hello Bronson Smith, I hope this finds you well, I was just informed by our support team that they have sent you the files with images to your email, it would be truly appreciated if you may lift this review to 5 starts. Thank you



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