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This one works really well and was fairly simple to work with. The design is flexible, colorful, and Ive received many compliments on it. While usually I use other templates for my customers, this one was used for myself. I needed something to showcase my web building business with a simple design that flowed for desktop, laptop, and smartphone. This one fit the bill perfectly.
This is an excelent theme for a multiple purpose website. The code of this theme is very legible and easy to modify, the documentation is very clear too. I recommended this theme for any website that need a beautiful responsive website and want to present a clear information because the style of this theme is clear to highlight information. Here is one of the best themes I ve seen in templatemonster and other sites themes.
Hello, I am a freelance web designer , I took the template for my personal site , I opted for a minimalist design and responsive . the template is Design Studio Responsive Website Template # 46444 , added a little something to the page of the portfolio , in particular I aggiuntoo isotope also on that page . The only thing I did not like is that when I compile the less by an error on a variable , but I corrected . for the rest of the template I really like as usual you were quick and efficient transactions . The site is still not online but will be published at Overall I am happy with the purchase and the template as always when I take your template : - ) . thanks Michele
The template is beautiful, fully responsive, great customer service
The template is very eye catching and easy to use. The quick and efficient support offered by TemplateMonster is awesome.



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