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Monstroid2——多功用 响应式网页模板 #62267——特色图像 1Monstroid2——多功用 响应式网页模板 #62267——特色图像 2Monstroid2——多功用 响应式网页模板 #62267——特色图像 3Monstroid2——多功用 响应式网页模板 #62267——特色图像 4Monstroid2——多功用 响应式网页模板 #62267——特色图像 5Monstroid2——多功用 响应式网页模板 #62267——特色图像 6Monstroid2——多功用 响应式网页模板 #62267——特色图像 7Monstroid2——多功用 响应式网页模板 #62267——特色图像 8Monstroid2——多功用 响应式网页模板 #62267——特色图像 9Monstroid2——多功用 响应式网页模板 #62267——特色图像 10Monstroid2——多功用 响应式网页模板 #62267——特色图像 11Monstroid2——多功用 响应式网页模板 #62267——特色图像 12Monstroid2——多功用 响应式网页模板 #62267——特色图像 13Monstroid2——多功用 响应式网页模板 #62267——特色图像 14Monstroid2——多功用 响应式网页模板 #62267——特色图像 15


Monstroid2 Version 2.1 (November 04, 2019)

  • - UPD: Novi Builder to version 0.9.6.

Monstroid2 Version 2.0 (September 30, 2019)

  • - ADD: PageTransition plugin v1.1.4;
  • - ADD: Pug mixins for logo;
  • - ADD: Pug mixins for rights;
  • - UPD: Logo for Retina;
  • - UPD: Bootstrap framework to v4.1.3;
  • - UPD: Bootstrap accordion;
  • - UPD: Popper.js plugin to v1.14.3;
  • - UPD: TouchSwipe plugin to v1.6.18;
  • - UPD: WOW plugin to v1.1.3;
  • - UPD: Lightgallery plugin;
  • - UPD: Owl carousel plugin to v2.3.4;
  • - UPD: Swiper plugin to v4.5.0;
  • - UPD: Pug mixin for navbar;
  • - UPD: Pug mixin for breadcrumbs;
  • - UPD: Counter;
  • - UPD: Progress Circle;
  • - UPD: Progress Linear;
  • - UPD: Countdown;
  • - UPD: Novi Builder update is coming soon;
  • - DEL: Magnific Popup;
  • - DEL: Countdown for jQuery;
  • - FIX: Minor HTML and CSS bugs.

Monstroid2 Version 1.7 (September 06, 2019)

  • - ADD: New child - Motivation Speakers;

Monstroid2 Version 1.6 (February 27, 2019)

  • - ADD: New child: ICO and Cryptocurrency

  • - FIX: Minor bug fixes;

Monstroid2 Version 1.5 (January 30, 2019)

  • - ADD: New childs:
  • Fitness Club;
  • Architecture;
  • Interior;
  • One Service;
  • - FIX: Minor bug fixes;

  • Monstroid2 Version 1.4 (August 06, 2018)

    • - RPL: RD Google Map updated;

    Monstroid2 Version 1.3 (July 26, 2018)

    • - ADD: Extrafast landing page child;
    • - ADD: Buy & Sale landing page child;
    • - RPL: RD Google Map with the current version of Google Map;
    • - UPD: RD Navbar updated;
    • - UPD: Material Parallax updated;
    • - FIX: Other minor bug fixes;

    Monstroid2 Version 1.2 (May 11, 2018)

    • - ADD: 4 Child themes;
    • - UPD: Bootstrap updated to versiton 4;
    • - ADD: Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor forms;
    • - UPD: PhotoSwipe Gallery changed to LightGallery;
    • - UPD: Scrollbar initialization;
    • - UPD: RD Mailform initialization;
    • - UPD: Owl carousel;
    • - FIX: CSS styles;
    • - FIX: Other minor bug fixes;

    Monstroid2 Version 1.1 (March 27, 2018)

    • - ADD: New Home Page Layout;
    • - UPD: Speed Optimization;
    • - UPD: Scripts updated;
    • - UPD: Some styles reorganized;
    • - UPD: Visual and animation bug fixes;
    • - FIX: Minor bug fixes;


    Template is ok, but it should be updated to the latest bootstrap version.
    This is my second purchase I’ve done from this website. The first one was a decade ago and I was student back then. I was impressed back then by the level of professionalism, code quality and the after service follow up. Here we are over 10 years later, I had forgotten about this website and ran into some of my old emails. I decided I would use their service again. I was even more impressed. They leveled up in quality code, delivery and even the after service follow up (dedicated employee asking you about your experience, discounts, and almost immediate reply for any inquery). I definitely recommend their services to any of my contacts and would surely choose no other source. Thank you kindly for a great service
    Very nice and modern design. Various page options makes this template very versatile.
    Great design and very easy to work with, I continue to use templatemonster.com when Im stuck for a quick design idea, Ive looked at other sites and havent had much luck finding what I need, so now I dont bother, I just head over to template monster and can usually find what Im looking for within a few minutes. If youre looking for nice designs, ease of use and tech support as well, then look no further
    It seems very good, hope we can build good websites from Monstroid2.


    Hello, I'm new in Template Monster and would like to double check one thing. There are examples of pre-made layouts. Are they included in the template?
    Hello Sona. Thank you for question. Yes, pre-made layouts are included into the package after the purchase. You can also join our live chat at http://chat.template-help.com/ to get immediate assistance. Thank you.
    why not create tutorial for how install NOVI BUILDER Monstroid2 Multipurpose Website Template ? only see in wordpress
    Thank you for your comment. Please check our tutorial ["Getting started with Novi Builder".](https://www.templatemonster.com/help/multipurpose-website-templates-getting-started-novi-builder-uploading-builder.html)
    Can it be edited within Dreamweaver?
    Hello Brian. Thank you for question. You can edit HTML files with Adobe Dreamweaver CS+ (only in the Code Mode). Please note that you will not be able to fully edit them in Design Mode because of the Google Web Fonts, Ajax and jQuery scripts used in the templates like this. Have a nice day!
    Hi - is the template mobile friendly?
    Hello. Thank you for question. This template is responsive and automatically adjust its layout to the screen width of the device they're displayed on whatever the width is. Have a nice day!

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