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Sunny Day 响应式OpenCart模板 #60079——特色图像 1Sunny Day 响应式OpenCart模板 #60079——特色图像 2Sunny Day 响应式OpenCart模板 #60079——特色图像 3Sunny Day 响应式OpenCart模板 #60079——特色图像 4Sunny Day 响应式OpenCart模板 #60079——特色图像 5Sunny Day 响应式OpenCart模板 #60079——特色图像 6Sunny Day 响应式OpenCart模板 #60079——特色图像 7Sunny Day 响应式OpenCart模板 #60079——特色图像 8Sunny Day 响应式OpenCart模板 #60079——特色图像 9Sunny Day 响应式OpenCart模板 #60079——特色图像 10Sunny Day 响应式OpenCart模板 #60079——特色图像 11Sunny Day 响应式OpenCart模板 #60079——特色图像 12


Great template, support helps me out with what is needed. The demo was working fine, but the video was not incluced in the gallery, thats why I take my 1 star. Anyways the support managed to help me out and added the needed video in the gallery. Also there was in need of a update of the Power plugin soo I could add the google analytics code. Anyways my final rate is that even though there were few things that had to be added, the support helped out and added them. :)
One of the best template I ever bought! Thank you Template Monster!
Perfect! The template is easy to install, and it’s so easy to use. And from the customer’s standpoint it is very intuitive, perfect for our team. It’s customer service team is also very knowledgeable, patient and professional, they address our every concern and help suggest various solutions. We would definitely recommend Template Monster! Will definitely continue to use! Thanks to them for the incredible job!
Um template excelente! Muitas possibilidades e muitas variações para criação de uma loja no openCart. São bons template que agilizam, e muito, a vida do desenvolvedor e que propiciam a possibilidade de ampliação de negócios junto ao cliente. Parabéns aos desenvolvedores do template! Continuem sempre criando de forma simples, objetiva e com ótimos recursos para trabalho. Os diferentes recursos de cores facilitam muito o uso do template!
Easy to install easy to edit and make changes, exactly what I was looking for. The templet comes with quite a few nice add-ons that make it easy to change the site and customize it to fit your own needs and wants. I especially like that it seems to work fairly well when the included .tpl files are mixed with the default opencart .tpls (for example if you needed to have the layout of the products page defaulted for an exstention.) takes a little playing around but not nearly as difficult to manage as others Ive encountered



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Web Server (preferably Apache) Web Server (preferably Apache)
Curl Curl
Fsock Fsock
PHP (at least 5.2)
Adobe Photoshop CC+ Adobe Photoshop CC+
Apache服务器 Apache服务器
MySQL 4.1.14 或其他版本 MySQL 4.1.14 或其他版本
Sublime Text2或其他版本, Notepad++或任何PHP编辑器
为了解压缩模板的ZIP压缩包: WinZip 9+ (Windows); Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)
PHP 5或更高版本