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Webion-最小化Elementor多用途WordPress主题——特色图像 1Webion-最小化Elementor多用途WordPress主题——特色图像 2Webion-最小化Elementor多用途WordPress主题——特色图像 3Webion-最小化Elementor多用途WordPress主题——特色图像 4Webion-最小化Elementor多用途WordPress主题——特色图像 5Webion-最小化Elementor多用途WordPress主题——特色图像 6Webion-最小化Elementor多用途WordPress主题——特色图像 7


Webion (November 17, 2020):

  • Minor bugs fixed;
  • Elementor Page Builder 3.0 compatible;
  • WordPress 5.5 compatible;
  • WooCommerce 4.6 compatible.


Nice, we like it! Its simple, modern and stylish. Our client is happy with it.
It was an easy template to configure, my developer did not complain of any issues. And for a basic user with no technical background to figure out the admin panel and change photos/text. I didnt need to have a developer go into the backend and write code for the template. And most features were up to date without much to be updated. I liked the template. Overall I would use it again for my clients.
Good product, a bit too minimal but thats it. No issues or problems
Es una plantilla bastante fácil de usar, adicionalmete tiene varias opciones de Home e incluso integración con WooComerce. a pesar de haberla comprado hace más de un año, sigue siendo compatible con las versiones mas actuales de wordpress (5.5.x). la navegación es sencilla y el diseño es bastante limpio. Cuenta con el framework Elementor, el cual permite que la edición de contenidos sea bastante intuitivo.
This is one of the best templates Ive ever purchased. It is extremely flexible, works with all the plugins I need, and looks beautiful. I love the additional home page choices and using Elementor for creating and editing pages. The demo import worked perfectly and saved me lots of time with setup and adding my own content.



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The mod_rewrite Apache module The mod_rewrite Apache module
PHP 5.4 or higher PHP 5.4 or higher
MySQL 5.5 or higher
50 MB of disk space
Memory limit per process: 64mb (128mb or more recommended)
Apache服务器 Apache服务器
使用PHP5x和MySQL5x托管 使用PHP5x和MySQL5x托管