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September 02, 2016

  • - We updated the engine version to Joomla 3.4.8;

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    Having adapted dozens of these templates before, I was shocked by how terrible this template is to use. In order to adapt it, you will need to find where the background images are in css and reupload. The image for the secondary pages loads before the slider. This means that the viewer sees a secondary image before the main image. There is a 2 sec load. Very unprofessionally written code. It is also a much older version of Joomla, so please do not use the fullpackage uploader. You will find many bugs because the bundled Joomla is super outdated. I was also incensed to find out that Template Monster changed their Extended Support plan to something out of a horror movie. Rather than live chat (which has been the protocol for years), you get coders who email you. It took my guy two weeks to handle three minor coding changes. I might add that I set up everything with screen shots through prnt.sc with arrows created in Photoshop. The coder was lazy and unprofessional. Two weeks! The delay came at the cost of my bottom line to my client and myself. Template Monster, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!
    Die Volage ist sehr empfehlenswert. Sie ist wirklich übersichtlich und auch sehr einfach einzurichten und anzuwenden. Sämtliche Komponenten sind sehr gut aufeinander abgestimmt und konfliktfrei einsetzbar. Auch das einrichten weiterer Komponenten war ohne Fheler oder Konflikte nöhlich. Alle Sample-Inhalte sind schnell auffindbar und sinnvoll eingerichtet. Das CSS ist gut strukturiert und durchdacht aufgebaut.
    My client is very excited about the look and feel of this template. I can always count on template monster for support.
    I love these templates... this one in particular gave us a really good running start. We used most of the template as-is. We did find that we had to keep an eye on which components we were actually using, and to make sure that we kept them up to date. Once we had done this though, we found that the template was reliable and looked really good. We also had to do a bit of digging, and a little bit of tuning to ensure that the site loaded at the desired speed. All in all, very good jump-start!
    Good template, and good price. The support is very good, too. The purchase process is fast, without problems. The instructions to work with the template are easy and clear. We bought other templates before and we never had any problems. We needed suport for some doubts we have and the support was fast and solved all our problems. The price is an issue for us. On Tempate Monster the prices are reasonable.
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