Dream - Construction Joomla Template
Builder is a Joomla construction template designed for modern Sites. This template seamlessly showcases construction projects with its sleek layout, customizable features, and responsive design.
Sales: 88
Support: 4.9/5
School District Joomla Template
School District is a vibrant school Joomla template that can be used for primary school website. Colorful design attracts the attention of users and catches the eyes of potential customers. It...
Sales: 264
Support: 4.2/5
Video Stock Joomla Template
How many times did you surf the web looking for the episode of your favorite TV show that you had missed or a movie youve long wanted to watch? What if all this could be stored in one place? Your...
Sales: 86
Support: 4.2/5
Cozy Vacation Joomla Template
Planning a vacation, we want everything to be perfect the hotel room should be comfortable, the food should be tasty, and the weather should be sunny. For many of us a hotel website is the first...
Sales: 191
Support: 4.2/5
VA Restaurant Joomla Template
A very interesting design for a restaurant. Entering Cafe And Restaurant Joomla Template you see a quality image portraying delicious food products. Logo is at the center of the picture. Main menu...
Sales: 45
Support: 4.2/5

Responsive Joomla Templates - Cutting Edge Web Products For Diverse Online Businesses.

Why Is a Pre Designed Website Template Better than the Custom made?

Are you thinking about making a big step forward in your life by moving your business online? Or, perhaps, you've decided to start a completely new life chapter by creating a website from zero? In both cases, you may feel anxious and lost about how and where to start, how much money you need to spend, whom to involve in the project, and so on. This surely seems like a complicated task to carry out. Yet there is a fantastic alternative to avoid the stress. At TemplateMonster.com you may fearlessly select a pre-designed template that will 100% satisfy your requirements. Imagine that you can start your online project in just an eye blink! And oppositely, custom-made websites require a lot of time, money, and effort to put in. Also, by the end of the day, you might not be really happy about the result. We offer you numerous premium web products and loads of additional services to help you to create the perfect website. Our readymades including the responsive Joomla templates go for as much as $100 regularly and way cheaper during clearances or deals campaigns. Sounds amazing, isn't it?

Why Opting For Responsive Joomla Templates at TemplateMonster’s Marketplace Is A Smart Idea?

Speaking of cutting-edge responsive Joomla-driven templates, there are more than 1000 pieces accessible at the portal and its number keeps growing. Joomla itself is one of the leading open-source CMS these days. It enables you to set up a technically advanced and lively website. It also retains an enormous amount of useful built-in plugins and an intuitive interface. One of the main reasons to select Joomla-based readymade is that it doesn't require any special web design skills. Instead, you might see yourself as a complete tech dummy and still catch up on operating it right. Furthermore, TemplateMonster can help you create responsive web design easily and quickly. Our collection of responsive Joomla templates cover various monitor setups on smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, and desktop monitors. Having a responsive feature preinstalled, the necessity of creating two different page layouts for PCs and mobile devices goes away. So, why wait? Grab the Joomla responsive template you prefer, scale its live demo in your browser window and watch the mobile-friendly design at its best.

Who May Benefit From Utilizing Responsive Joomla Templates?

The variety of Joomla templates at TemplateMonster.com is huge and can fulfill the demand of nearly any possible topic. You may enjoy using the responsive ready-made if you plan to create a website dedicated to one of these thematics:

  • Business and services.
  • Home and family.
  • Food and restaurants.
  • Society and people.
  • Design and photography.
  • Fashion and beauty, etc.

As you can see, we've covered almost every niche. However, if you couldn't find the right one you may select the multipurpose product and adjust it accordingly. Also, do not hesitate to inform us about the missing topic and we will do our best to add it as soon as possible.

Responsive Joomla Templates Advantages.

When it comes to the template’s list of features you shouldn't worry. Everything you need to go far and beyond while assembling a successful website is included. Let’s have a look at some of the eye-catching advantages of the responsive Joomla templates:

Diverse design options

The plethora of responsive Joomla theme design solutions will astonish you and motivate you for great outcomes. There is pretty much any kind of layout to pick from - flat, airy, corporate, creative, etc. Even if you won’t feel right about any of the options, do not panic! There is a wide range of multipurpose Joomla responsive templates to choose from.

Mobile-friendly designs

It is a well-known fact that more than half of Earth's civilization uses at least one mobile device permanently. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly setup incorporated into your website is a necessity. Besides, Google has set a preference for the responsive websites appearing in its search lists.

HTML5 code

An elegant and easy HTML5 code-based Joomla responsive readymades stand out among similar products.


When you blog at your web project you create a sort of emotional engagement with the audience. Sharing your thoughts and feelings, business information, and future perspectives, news, and updates also come more informal and friendly through blogs.

Google Maps plugin

There is no need to tell you how important it is to have Google Maps plugin pre-installed on your website. Apart from giving the directions to find your physical address, it also provides your audience with honest reviews, feedback, pictures of the premises, etc.

Neat Administrative Panel

Another great advantage of any responsive Joomla template is its straightforward and practical admin panel.

SEO-friendly layout

Undoubtedly search engine-friendly websites that automatically take the leading positions of the search pages will gain popularity much faster. Accordingly, the financial profit will come to light sooner too.

Dropdown Menu

One of the best classic elements of a website's structure. It helps to save space and structure a website's content in the most beautiful manner.

Parallax scrolling

Stunning web design effect that bases on reproducing the object's motion at different speeds in its different layers.

Retina ready

Ensures that vivid and bright graphic colors look as good as on prints.

Bootstrap framework

Bootstrap is a front-end framework that secures fast and easy web development.

Joomla TemplateMonster's theme additionally carries a bunch of other handy features like Quickstart page, JQuery, Advanced Theme Options, Gallery, Tabs, and others.

Why Should You Go For Responsive Joomla Templates?

In our hectic era of information, the necessity of using numerous electronic devices has become ordinary. We learn, buy and sell, and meet others mostly online now. Hence it is not a surprise that during the day we can work with up to 4 different mobile devices and PCs. Meanwhile, the digitalization that has started across the top world countries recently is now spreading with the ray of light around the rest of the globe. Thus, web developers came up with responsive website designs to cover all electronic gadget’s screen configurations. Because mobile-friendly web design ensures the webpage's possibility to stick to the same layout on different devices. It doesn't matter what screen size you use at this particular minute and which you'll utilize later. Be sure that the website's content will be perfectly readable on any device. Even the widescreen gadget holders can make a sigh of relief. They are also covered. Oppositely, non-responsive website content is primarily good for PC screens but not for mobile gadgets. This naturally puts you at risk of pushing your website's visitors away. And we all know how hard it is to beat the negative experience. When opting for a Joomla responsive template you may rest assured about the excellent quality of the website’s content shown on various electronic gadgets.

Free or Premium Responsive Templates?

Any business project requires a lot of thinking, calculation, and evaluation. Before you jump in with both feet into the website setup you need to analyze and choose the right way to make it. You may come across numerous offers available on the ready-to-use themes market. Most of them lead to premium and free products. And naturally, here the correct decision has to be made because it will largely affect the result. We all know how free products may look tempting. They may even generate a false perception of no hidden costs whatsoever. However, it's hard to believe in that. Free templates are nothing more than overused designs with questioning functionality. They normally do not get updates at all or only for additional fees. They lack technical support or you need to pay extra to get it. This list goes on and on. Premium website templates on the other hand are pricey but worthy. At TemplateMonster's portal, you may choose among the few options for how many sites you would like to apply the responsive Joomla template. Besides, other amazing bonuses come with the selected premium theme:

Multiple options for editing, adjusting, etc

The very reasonable price of the Joomla responsive theme doesn't affect the huge variety of modifying possibilities though. You can edit and amend your design with no limits using loads of pre-designed web page elements.

Fresh and unique design

Premium designs ensure that you by all means will not receive a banal stock product. Plus, at our marketplace, you can go for The Buyout License. It guarantees you the opportunity for being the last buyer of the chosen responsive Joomla template. At the same time, you get permission to use it on many websites non-exclusively and non-transferable.

Pre-installed premium Joomla plugins

Such essential plugins like SEO, backup, speed optimization, quick search, and others are included in the premium package.

Warranty and licensing

Premium Joomla responsive templates are 100% safe to use and backed up by us.

Regular updates

Along with the chosen theme, you get instant regular updates.

6-month long support from the author

If you think that half a year of author's support is not enough then there's a chance to purchase additional 6 months of support for a few dozen US dollars.

TemplateMonster has successfully built up its business around the website developing, launching, and supporting. Accordingly, we provide a wide range of services that can help you put your online project on track and run it smoothly after. Also, we encourage you to participate in our Affiliate Program to earn more and promote your business at the same time.

Jumerix - Multipurpose Joomla Template.

Watch the demo of one of the most popular responsive Joomla templates presented at TemplateMonster.com. Sign up for our Youtube channel and enjoy fresh professional content.

Responsive Joomla Templates Questions and Answers

Could you please assist in finding the hosting provider?

Yes, certainly we can advise you on the best web hosting companies to cooperate with. On this page, you'll be able to find proper information on prices, technical requirements, etc that various website hosting providers have disclosed. If you require additional help, please do not hesitate to contact us through the LiveChat button or here.

Why do you recommend selecting the SEO-friendly responsive Joomla template for my web project?

Search engine-friendly website design has to be amongst your top priorities. Because having an impressive and super-efficient website is only half of the job. And the other one is to keep it rolling and sending people over. The more visitors will enjoy surfing your web project the more financial and other benefits you'll get in the long run. Investing in SEO whether pre-installed or as a separate plugin is a smart idea that will work out great for you.

What are the major technological features of a mobile-friendly website's design?

Technically a responsive design of the webpage leads to:

  1. The website's layout shifts together with the screen resolution.
  2. Graphics spanning to spread across the browser window.
  3. Simple tweaking due to simple code.
  4. Fonts, widths, heights are changing on the small screens, some elements tuck away.

Besides, a responsive website design can easily detect various screen resolutions and act accordingly. When you go for the mobile-friendly design you eliminate the second set of web pages needed to be done for mobile devices separately from the ones for PC.

Can I install and launch the Joomla responsive theme all by myself?

You can install and set up the website alone. Just follow the guidelines for theme installation in the documentation that you have received together with the web template. Furthermore, our Help Centre and Knowledgebase might be helpful too. If by all means, you will not be satisfied with the answers given, you may refer to the LiveChat option as well. Also, here you may find the rate information on the installation service we provide.