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Impress the User with the Joomla Parallax Templates

Many years have already passed, but the parallax effect is not just the most popular trend in web design, but even demanded and often necessary. We see scrolling pages with this effect quite often on different thematic sites of other companies. But given the successful installation of parallax by webmasters, it is possible to use this technique inappropriately. There are many ways to work with parallax. It includes creating a video file, describing everything with code, and many more. Web designers are considered to debate for hours about the best way to incorporate the parallax effect into a site. Joomla Parallax Themes will allow you to create a unique parallax scroll for your website. With it, your consumers will plunge into the 2D world without noticing the transition at all.

Parallax Effect: What Is It?

Parallax is an effect where the background image in perspective moves slower than the foreground elements. It is popular with web designers because it looks spectacular.

It's three-dimensional space technology. It's achieved by using several layers that overlap and move at different speeds when scrolling. With this technology, you can create an artificial three-dimensional effect and apply it to icons, images, and other elements of the page.

Joomla Parallax Themes Main Features


The main feature of any template is the ability to adapt the page to the size of the screen. Today there are many gadgets that people actively use for web surfing. Responsive Joomla website templates optimize the page for the screen resolution. They allow the website with a parallax effect to function perfectly on all devices.


Good content is the basis. But the successful choice of the method of promotion of the website is the key to success. Search engine optimization allows a website to raise its ranking in search engine results. With the help of SEO, you save on contextual advertising, expand the client base due to the new stream of users, and increase your income accordingly.


Answers to many questions, help, and advice you can get from the step-by-step instructions. The documentation contains important information about Joomla Parallax templates. It will tell you how to deal with the theme, make the installation process and use it comfortably.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

If you are interested in showcasing your website to the world, you need to consider its accessibility on many platforms. Cross-Browser Compatibility promotes the readability of your resource on many popular browsers, including Mozilla, Opera, Safari, and others.

Technical Support

Help from the developer of Joomla parallax templates may be needed at any time. If you have any questions, suggestions, problems, or comments about the template, feel free to write to us 24/7.

What Are the Advantages of Joomla Parallax Themes?

  • Joomla website templates are great for any electronic page - an online store or a real estate company website.
  • Joomla parallax templates create an interesting interaction with the customer. It becomes interesting to look at the long and beautiful page.
  • The owner of the resource gets a conversion, possible interest in the services, and potential profit.
  • The parallax effect need not be used on every page of one site. You have to apply it only on the homepage to attract visitors' attention and make them study the inner pages and the main content.

Website Features with Parallax Scrolling Customized

  • Impact on feelings. Parallax scrolling is capable of many things and, in particular, a powerful effect on the visitor's emotions. For example, the parallax effect allows you to travel with the viewer through a story or timeline.
  • Attracting attention. Joomla parallax creates a sense of distance between the elements, allowing one to feel that the blocks are floating in a 3D perspective. In other words, something magical is created on the screen, and the user becomes part of all this magic.
  • Changing of colors. Colors can move. They will no longer be the usual gradient blending. One of the most interesting ways to use parallax is when, during the movement of layers, there is a change of background color or the elements on a given layer or another. Accordingly, there is an attraction of attention.
  • Simplification of information. The parallax scrolling on your site can also simplify complicated content, make rich, informative blocks more compact, make it more readable, and help understand the material.
  • Content visualization. The most impressive application of parallax in web design is the visualization of what users are reading about. For example, parallax can be combined with 3D objects to make it feel like the user is in another reality.

Joomla Parallax Templates Tips

Advice №1

The more parallax on the site, the more images are required. The more images of high quality and large size, the longer it takes to load the site. In order not to overload neither the site nor the traffic of the visitor, it is more convenient to initially provide the loading of images and then allow the script to perform an animation effect.

Advice №2

You can start by using the parallax effect in one place, a corner, and see how it "takes root." Then the only thing left to do is watch how long users will spend on a given page. If there is an increase, they are very likely to view the parallax. Alternatively, you can write a separate code block to replace the parallax with the usual image on mobile devices.

Parallax Effect as a Design Solution - Video

But you also need to remember that parallax should fit the content and information as a whole, the theme. It should help to study the site, to interact with users. If you're sure that the parallax effect will fit harmoniously into the interface of your website, go ahead and configure it. And watch this video to learn how to duplicate and use different backgrounds to achieve parallax scrolling. Watch it! Experiment!

Joomla Parallax Templates FAQ

Are there disadvantages of Joomla parallax templates that I need to pay attention to?

The main disadvantage of parallax is the incapability to adapt to mobile devices. Accordingly, if your website is aimed at the younger generation who prefer smartphones, it is better to abandon this idea or look for alternatives to the parallax effect.

Can I set up the parallax scrolling on my website?

You should attempt to do so. Although it's not an easy task, some plugins can help you. For example, the Scrolling Parallax plugin is used to create parallax. It describes the process of creating a parallax, the number of layers, images, etc.

Can I sell my parallax templates in TemplateMonster?

Of course, you can. TemplateMonster is a marketplace for selling digital products of your production. If you are a Joomla theme creator and want to become part of our team, we welcome you! Become a vendor and get 70% of every sale.

Can I save money on buying Joomla Parallax templates?

You can. We have a unique offer. Sign up for a monthly MonsterOne subscription for $15. You will get access to a wide selection of themes, regular updates, and technical support. And all the templates you can download unlimited, as much or as little as you want.