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One of the main benefits of making a website is that you can always be accessible to the visitors/customers. Appealing Contact Form is a great opportunity to make that trick.

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Today, I would like to raise a topic about working with GIF formats on your website. Mehr lesen

Facebook Retargeting Pixel is Facebook tool that allows you to measure the results of your ads, drive more sales and of-course reach the right people.

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Have you already selected a plugin you want to install? We are going to show you how to do plugin installation.There are three simple ways to install plugins! Mehr lesen
If you look at the footer of your website, you can see Proudly powered by WordPress text. Do not be afraid, it does not mean that your website was took over by Wordpress. Mehr lesen
There are different ways to use Google Analytics on your website. We will discuss them in this guide. Mehr lesen
Hello, our Support team is ready to present you a new tutorial that shows how to send emails to all registered users in WordPress Mehr lesen
Hello, our support is ready to present you a new tutorial that shows how to fix the PHP syntax errors in WordPress. Mehr lesen
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