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September 02, 2016

  • - We updated the engine version to Joomla 3.4.8;

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    I had an old HTML site for this company and it was way past its use-by date so I got together with the Principal and we decided on #50800 as the best fit. I did have difficulty installing this template as it hung on the config installation but I got around. If you dont have experience doing this you definitely will need TMs support. It was a quick build for the website and the customer loves it. It didnt require much in the way of customisation so it worked as an off-the-shelf product.
    We are a digital marketing firm that uses commercial template for clients on a budget. This template was selected for a small law firm specializing in family law. The template was easy to configure and worked as expected upon installation. As usual with out installations we use a different set of extensions that the ones on the demo sites. Adapting those to the template was fairly simple and did not require much additional work. Overall a very good template. The live site is located at http://www.weshayeslaw.com/
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