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Google Maps Joomla Templates

Today, embedding mapping on websites is becoming a trend. It would be a mistake not to include it because it keeps your online presence more modern, attractive, and convenient, allowing customers to easily identify your company location in the city.

There are special codes by which this widget is added, but without professional programming knowledge, it will not work. But the developers have produced excellent solutions with a built-in map system, which immediately simplifies utilization.

The most popular cartographic service today, without a doubt, is Google Maps. The service covers the entire globe. It includes places, addresses all over the world. After installing the module, you have to specify the location, set map dimensions — your widget is ready. No need to register or enter any codes.

Best Features of Google Maps Joomla Templates

Many improvements help in developing a portal, not getting lost in network expansion. Check out the main benefits:

  1. Admin Panel. This is a management tool for portal settings, including information style, text editing, custom interface, data presentation, public navigation, design, law. Managing programs & settings doesn't require different programming languages, databases knowledge. The entire job gets done through this handy interface.
  2. Dropdown Menu. It organizes displaying related information in granular detail without cluttering up multiple buttons, text, options. Most frequently for header areas, site navigation. An optimal number of layer levels is one or two. The fewer attachment levels, the easier it is for clients to discover necessary material. The consumer finds page orientation easier without wanting to leave it.
  3. Advanced Theme options. It allows controlling project settings, adding new pages and removing old ones, changing resource appearance, editing information.
  4. Google Maps. This function spares your precious time because no time is wasted explaining routes to guests, clients. Having an interactive map looks more professional than just an address line. With widget access, customers don't need to leave your profile, which helps retain your audience.
  5. Retina ready. Such high pixel density monitors are actively reaching the market. A greater pixel mass means more physical fragments than virtual ones. Therefore, ordinary multimedia files, exclusive designs on such screens seem blurred, indistinct. Such functionality adjusts this clarity so that the appearance is pleased everywhere.
  6. HTML 5. A modern language version for markup Internet content. Advantages are that it offers a standardized description of audio-visual material embedded in portals, as media content is an integral component of the code.
  7. Parallax. Any movement looks more presentable than a simple still image. Visitors instinctively linger their attention on your product positions. Anything that moves won't go unnoticed. Sliders, banners, any concepts — everything can be transferred from conventional images to parallax.
  8. Bootstrap. This is a CSS framework plus several frequently used JS solutions. Some methods, processes contain repetition, are self-sufficient, utilizing internal resources. The main application area is portals, administrator interfaces, fronted component development. There is a ready-made collection of frequently applied methods, blanks, etc. Its purpose is to reduce development time. This framework already implements what is most often utilized.
  9. Gallery. Everybody prefers viewing a visually pleasing, colorful, intriguing, entertaining look that evokes positive emotions. Selling numeric, alphabetic designations is uninteresting, immediately alienating regular sightseers, so a gallery is a great option, diversifying the look.

That's not all the practical benefits, so imagine how many positive reviews your profile will have.

Top Hosting for Google Maps Joomla Templates

There are usually 4 types of options available:

  1. Shared. This simple, cheap, fast option is usually offered to everyone, utilized when people are just starting to develop platforms.
  2. VPS. It's like owning part of a building with closed access to your apartment. No one has unauthorized access to your information.
  3. Dedicated. This item means that you own, control the living quarters, set the rules, manage the whole process yourself, so it is more expensive than the previous ones.
  4. Dedicated server. This is your machine, installed, set up for you anywhere in the world; only you have access to it.

Here is the most popular hosting services list:

  1. BlueHost. It is one of the largest corporations in the world. In addition, one of the easiest providers to manage, meaning that even beginners manage it. Most importantly — 24-hour technical support, the cheapest plan offers 50 GB of SSD storage, improved, user-friendly cPanel.
  2. SiteGround. This company offers everything from simple shared hosting (with website builder included) to the scalable cloud, dedicated servers, and enterprise solutions. Shared packages aren't the cheapest, but they contain many profitable operations, such as free daily backups, CDN from Cloudflare, a website builder, and account protection.

These are the best recommendations, so it's worth taking a closer look at them.

Google Maps Joomla Templates Video

If you desire to change such widgets' location on the Home page in Joomla templates, this tutorial will show you how to manage it.

Google Maps Joomla Templates FAQ

Who will benefit from such a product?

This solution is suitable for any organization with online and offline offices, such as stores, agencies, bureaus, firms — anything. These decisions assist in showing your corporate location. Tourism companies utilize maps to show the destinations they provide for travel.

Why is it good to exploit Joomla Google Maps?

oomla — a content management system (CMS) with open source code, which is sufficiently documented. Therefore, the theme's security is assured — there are no technical problems.

Do I need a specialist to install it?

No, because the most important advantage is the finished product, with the installation of which any untrained person handles. A professional developer is essential only in individual projects, which undoubtedly cost money, time, and effort. Therefore, the installation is simple — when purchasing or downloading, all actions are described, and even with questions, you can always contact the round-the-clock technical support. Still, this option is only for premium commodities.

What benefits from using Joomla Google Maps Template?

Making a quality, recognizable website with interesting material will result in high attendance, popularity, great outcome, and positive reviews, thus purchasing it, you'll be pleased with amazing results.