Dream - Construction Joomla Template
Builder is a Joomla construction template designed for modern Sites. This template seamlessly showcases construction projects with its sleek layout, customizable features, and responsive design.
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Support: 4.9/5
Dating Responsive Joomla Template
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Farm Responsive Joomla Template
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S2 Business Company Joomla Template
S2 is a responsive Business Company Joomla Template created for business & service companies. Theme Color Switcher allows you to change the look of your website with a click. Fixed-to-the-top of...
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Hinduism Responsive Joomla Template
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School District Joomla Template
School District is a vibrant school Joomla template that can be used for primary school website. Colorful design attracts the attention of users and catches the eyes of potential customers. It...
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Travel Agency Joomla Template
This fully responsive Travel Agency Joomla Template will help you to create a fully-functional travel agency website and start working right away. It's an excellent and very functional solution for...
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88 Channel Joomla Template
88 Channel is a photo heavy Television Joomla Template that is intended to appeal to the wide audience with its captivating look. The front page features nothing but the big bold banners...
Sales: 93
Support: 4.2/5
Online Radio Joomla Template
Effective responsive theme powered by WordPress is perfectly tailored for radio, entertainment, photography, design studio and other websites that need contemporary look and rich functionalities....
Sales: 132
Support: 4.2/5

Joomla HTML5 Templates Top Features

Are you looking for a solution to build a perfect website? Do you want it to be user-friendly and easy to work with? Joomla HTML5 templates are the best choice. In addition to clean design, you get amazing functionality. Here is a listing of the main features.

Lazy Load Effect

If your page takes a very long time to load, users will close your site before loading. And this is where the Lazy Load Jquery plugin comes to our rescue. The images on your site are not loaded immediately, but as the user scrolls down the page.

Google Maps

If you have an offline business, it's good to mention it on your website. Some customers need to go to the shop and company and see what you present in real life. Having Google Maps embedded with an exact location brings you more clients and increases their trust.


Very often, the photo gallery is used as a portfolio to show the work already done. This is especially true for design and web studios, clothing stores, furniture companies, etc. Visitors need to be interested; it is necessary to make sure that the site attracts them. And then, getting used to the fact that here you can find a lot of interesting information, they will no longer look for any other seller to order the goods or services.

Completely JS

The JavaScript programming language was invented specifically to create interactive websites. Such sites react to your actions: add alike when you click on the "heart"; load new posts to the feed when you reach the end of the page; show notifications about new messages or letters. That's what JavaScript is for.


Thanks to this effect, we see objects in volume, perceive depth and understand what is closer and further.

Benefits you get with Joomla HTML5 Templates

  • Documentation and tutorials. Joomla HTML5 templates come with clear documentation and tutorials for editing. There are lots of guides on installing the theme, changing the logo, filling it with your text and pictures, customizing blocks, and more. Tutorials are helpful to build websites fast and easily.
  • Quickstart Package. In installing the Quickstart version of the template, not only the CMS Joomla itself is installed. You also have all the extensions and the content. There is no need to install and re-fill components and modules; you just need to change those already installed.
  • Technical Support. When it comes to editing the website, having access to specialists is always helpful. You may join our live chat anytime, and our technicians will assist you with any questions. They send you tutorials, guide you with issues, and offer a solution. Moreover, we have a ticket system as well. You may leave your question, and support agents can reach you via email.
  • One-time payment. Joomla HTML5 template price is a one-time fee, with all taxes included. We provide lifetime usage licenses. There are no usage time limitations or additional charges. You may use the template as long as you need.
  • Future updates. When our developers release a new version of the HTML5 Joomla theme, you get it immediately. We will notify you about updates via email.
  • HTML plus JS. You get all the necessary files in ZIP format. Firstly, the Joomla HTML5 template contains a component area, where the output from various components (articles, blog lists, additional components for some functions, etc.) is shown. Secondly, the Joomla template also contains several PHP snippets.
  • Cross-browser. Cross-browser compatibility is the same display and operation of the site in different browsers. The visitors will see the same design in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome.

Importance of responsive design for Joomla HTML5 Templates

One of the main features of our Joomla themes is responsibility. Let's check deeply what it means and why it's important.

Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers through which users interact with your site is growing. Over the past 5-6 years, the world has seen many new devices. They have called into question the dominance of personal computers as a means of surfing the Internet. 70% of smartphone owners visit company websites immediately after a local search from their mobile devices. And the statistics do not deceive; society is increasingly shifting towards mobile viewing. If your company cannot boast of a responsive website aimed at mobile users, you can lose many potential customers. If the user is uncomfortable with the site, they will immediately close it and look for happiness with your adaptive competitors. Responsive design involves creating websites that display equally well on devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. What do you get with responsive design?

First of all, quality user experience. The main reason is that the site owner thus increases the convenience of users' interaction with it. They don't need to zoom in or out to see information or order products or services. This makes them happy, and happy people are known to be much more willing to make purchases.

Another reason why you need a responsive website is that you can enjoy the benefits of SEO. Google and other search engines rank responsive mobile-friendly websites for several reasons. If the site interacts correctly with the user's device, customers will most likely stay on the site longer than if the site opened crookedly. Many SEOs believe that bounce rate is important for improving page rankings.

Feel free to order an SEO Optimization service to attract more clients.

Why should Joomla HTML5 Templates be SEO optimized?

Website promotion is a key aspect in achieving the popularity of any resource on the Internet. The need for promotion does not depend on the topic, focus, size of the site. All known online stores, entertainment platforms, and even social networks have gone through all the promotion stages. Moreover, from time to time, they need to be promoted in order not to lose their ratings and users.

Nobody knows about the newly created sites. The owner can tell people about it personally, but the audience coverage will be minimal. The second option is placing advertisements on TV and in the media, but it may require a lot of funds or not give the desired effect. It is easier and more efficient to get an interested audience from search engines. These people consciously search for your products, services, or information on the Internet and are already ready to purchase them. All that remains is to make them a lucrative offer.

The main key to success is reaching the top of the search engine. According to statistics, users are most likely to click only on the first 5-10 links. You need to achieve maximum trust in search engines, which is why competent SEO is needed.

Primary measures will help your resource become more profitable; search engines will index the site's pages faster. If everything is configured correctly, the site will grow in search results, increasing relevant users.

Because of the great competition, both new and well-known online stores need constant monitoring by SEO specialists. If not, the site quickly falls to the bottom lines and loses profits.

SEO is one of the most effective marketing investments in our time, which lasts a long time and gives a high return.

Features to add to improve Joomla HTML5 Templates

Without a doubt, you receive an amazing design with good functionality. As time goes on, trends change. To be the best, you need to constantly develop and expand the site. Please, check the listing of the features that may improve HTML5 Joomla performance.

Online chat

One of the main disadvantages of the site as a sales tool has long been considered the lack of live communication with the client. Suppose you are in a retail store. A manager can immediately answer all your questions, advise the best solution and sell the necessary positions. The same with the site. Online chat makes it possible to transfer live communication with the customer to the Internet. Online assistants are special software solutions that allow a website visitor to receive quick feedback from pre-sales agents.

Multilanguage pack

With the expansion of sales geography, many modern companies need to develop a multilanguage version. It is necessary to promote a product in other countries. Interaction with your audience and convenience will create customer loyalty and make them come back to you. It's more economical and profitable to retain customers than to find new ones - fortunately, a multilingual site can help you both. Having a multilingual website and ensuring that other languages are adequately represented will make your business more professional. It enables your image to go international. This increases your reputation with new and existing customers.


Innovative Internet technologies are rapidly developing. In addition to regular sites or a blog, there is another unique opportunity for making money on the Internet. Now you can monetize your projects with paid access to your work. Membership is a constant source of income. If you regularly give your subscribers useful content, they continue to pay for the subscription.

Joomla HTML5 Template Related Video

Each site on the Internet is an information portal that responds to user requests. The web resource's content is represented by graphic, media, and text data, which must be harmoniously organized and make up a single whole.
Font plays a critical role in designing the look and feel of a website. No matter how common the various graphical elements of the interface are, plain text has little to replace. The choice of the font for the text on the site should be taken seriously, as it directly affects how the user consumes the content. A well-chosen font helps the viewer enjoy reading. You should always choose a font for the right situation. The visitor analyzes the information on a subconscious level using associations. For example, fonts with rounded shapes (Arial, Verdana) are more readable and less aggressive than serif fonts (Times New Roman). Most site visitors do not read textual information but only skim through subheadings and individual fragments. That is why it is necessary to make important information bold, italicized, or underlined. Check our video to see how to change the fonts in Joomla HTML5 Templates.

Joomla HTML5 Templates FAQ

Can I have a bigger discount if I have already purchased lots of Joomla HTML5 Templates?

Sure, feel free to join our live chat and ask for a discount. Pre-sales agents will come to you with the best solution. Moreover, we have a perfect option if you have more than one project. With our MonsterOne membership, you get access to our best and premium templates with unlimited downloads. Joomla, WordPress, HTML, eCommerce (Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, Opencart), Powerpoint themes, and Plugins. And lots of stock photos are included.

What does the Installation and SetUp service include? Should I buy it for Joomla HTML5 templates?

Installation means that we will install an HTML5 Joomla template and a compatible platform on your hosting server. Our specialists will make sure it runs properly and looks the same as on the demo version, so you can start editing your site. After payment for the Installation service, we send you an email asking you for cPanel (hosting account control panel) access details and FTP access. It's an optional offer that may economize your time.

Which hosting should I use for Joomla HTML5 Templates?

Please, note that every Joomla theme has its hosting requirements. Check them carefully before making a choice. We strongly recommend using hosting from our partners. We guarantee proper work and full compatibility because we have already tested all Joomla HTML5 products. In addition to good work, you get many benefits. They have a good discount, domain name, SSL certificate, email account, 24/7 technical support, and more.

Do you have any refund policy for Joomla HTML5 Templates?

Yes, of course. You get your money back if we don't deliver the product or major defects, or the item is not described. Please, check more details about the Refund Policy before purchase.