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Michal Houst

Again, I chose a template from the monster templates because I work with them very easily. This template is a very clean technical design, which was also suitable for my architectural and design office client. I appreciate the simple administration, where all the content of the web is made up of only articles and therefore it is not necessary to teach my client to work in modules. In short, everything is focused on articles from a slideshow, through newsmodules to references and galleries.

Miroslav Mlejnek

template looks good! very simple editing, fast loading and easy to use!

Intelligent Constructions

The Arch 77 template supports the development of a communication system for a start up residential construction company. It has a great layout and is simple to use. Especially considering that I am an older builder with limited technical skills in website development. This template will be used to market our house land packages as they are developed and also provide a record of our completed work. It will support a blog down the track. Once we finish the development of the site you will be able to find us at www.imaginehomes.com.au. I recommend this template to novice website developers due to its simple structure. Simple is always good in the construction industry. Overall I am very satisfied with this template. Regards Craig

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    Adobe Photoshop CS+

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    Do dekompresji archiwum ZIP szablonu: WinZip 9+ (Windows); Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)

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    Joomla! 3.3.0

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    Sublime Text2 lub nowszy, Notepad++ lub dowolny inny php-edytor

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