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I have yet to use this template but I really liked the simplicity of it. The functionality can however only be tested properly once it is uploaded on a server but its great nonetheless.
the reason i chose this template was simple. I was looking for a layout that would accommodate lots of images and had a nice gallery with the ability to enlarge the pictures. I wanted it to be bright and vibrant and it just so happens that my favorite color is orange which helped a little. The site is quick despite the large number of images and it is nicely responsive showing off the content sections well and loading them at a nice pace without wooshing up too quickly. Each page has a big number of images making it a visual treat with the accompanying color scheme being supportive and not overwhelming. I say again images everywhere sliding in from the left from below and the gallery has loads in it. there are enough varied sections to create extra pages without the site becoming samey and dull. the use of arrows mid section is a nice way to get people to scroll below the fold and allows the use of those bold images full screen. Contacts page has a great big message area and the space between the form is nicely broken up with contact info laid out on top of another great image. As is expected with such good templates, its easily customized and you have full control of as many changes as you want.
Thank you very much for your feedback! Were glad youre satisfied with the purchase.
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Does this work with WordPress?
didn't work for me - waste of money
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