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Another very nice template to work with as a beginner. I just upload it, make few changes myself with sublime text version 2 and I did buy some picture on depositphoto. the result is amazing and it took only 2 days to create a brand new web site from that beautiful template. Now, the only thing I have to work on, is the API key needed from Google to make work the map. From a template to another, it is never the same programming language, so it take some times to figure it out. Hope that part will be solve by programmers soon. For all the work done by them, the results still very professional for all kind of field. Great job everyone! Cannot wait to work with your next template very soon!
Lindo design, minimalista, gostei de cara. HTMLs bem programados e fácil de manipulação. Achei muito boa a opção de termos vários modelos por sessões do site, po exemplo para o blog (post com vídeo, com galeria, com foto única, etc). É um template bem completo pois em geral falta a página do post aberto e faltam opções. Recomendo a compra deste template. Nós unimos à nossa programação sem dificuldades.

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