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Overall this is a good theme. I made some changes to the css to make the header not so deep and to accommodate a different logo size. However, there are some bugs - when you make changes to options in cherry framework, the previous changes to css break EVERY TIME! kind of annoying.
You need to perform changes in wp-content/themes/themeXXXX/style.css and not main-style.css file. Basically the first line of style.css @import “main-style.css”; defines that css properties can be overrided in style.css file. All you need is copy part of code and it will be overwritten. For example you need to add the following code to style.css file: .main-holder {background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #FFFFFF;} Properties for class .main-holder will be overwritten in style.css file in this case. Feel free to check the detailed video guide that explains how to edit styles to have changes kept at site:
Colors, Organization, Its clean, Maquetation
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Hello, I have some questions for this theme with a Single Site License: 1) Is it possible to add my own Logo ? 2) Is it possible to change menu style, some colors and css style? 3) Can I use any e-commerce tool within the template? Thank YOU ! Thank you!
Thanks for your questions. 1,2) Yes, it's possible. 3) You should better specify what e-commerce tool you're going to use. If you mean a plugin for shopping cart, you can use ShopKit, WooCommerce and Jigo plugins.
Hello, I have some questions for the WordPress Theme: 1) Is it possible to insert my own logo instead this one? 2) Can I change colors, menu style and css styles? Thank you !
Thank you for your comment. 1 - Yes, sure you can easy change a logo via admin panel 2 - As we provide with source files, you will be able to make customizations in them. You will get PHP, PSD, CSS files.
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