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Top 10 Drag and Drop Plugins of WordPress which Helps to Enlarge the Conversations

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WordPress provides a number of plugins to all the users that help in various functions to the users. WordPress is the one stop destination for all the eCommerce business person, bloggers, writers, SEO and much more. Various WordPress plugins help in various functions but in this article, we shall be discussing the WordPress plugins that will help to enlarge the conversions for the eCommerce businesses.

Let us talk about the reason why we use the drag and drop plugin.

Why Drag and Drop Plugin

Whenever a new blogger starts up with its new blog or the website through the means of a WordPress theme, they find different types of difficulties in customizing the page layout features of the site as we know that a lot of WordPress themes that are premium come with different types of layouts which are very difficult to change without a proper HTML or the CSS knowledge. And, this is where the need of the drag and drop plugin arises.  So to start a blog you always need great drag and drop plugins.

So, in the next section of this article, we shall be discussing 10 of the best drag and drop WordPress plugins.

1. Fastline

Fastline plugin from the WordPress provides you with the ability of front-end drag-and-drop which offers you with a number of pre-built layouts along with the feature.
It makes the addition and editing of the elements fast as well as intuitive on the page. There Is a presence of a slide-out window which mostly works as a WordPress theme customizer, it basically makes it easy to search elements and add on the page. It comes free but the price of the update is $49.

2. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder

It is a premium WordPress plugin which allows you to drag and drop the page. It is known to be the best drag and drop plugin out of all till date.

It extremely fast in function and provides you with onboarding tour that briefs up the users with its systems and the functions. It provides you with a live drag and drop builder plugin, which means that you can actually visualize the dragging and dropping as well as the customization done with your page. It comes along with a lot of basic and advanced modules for the users.  As it is the premium so its cost starts from $99 in some unlimited sites.

3. WR Page Builder

WR Page Builder
WR page builder is quite a basic type of the drag and drop plugin from the WordPress. It works with posts as well as the pages and it also includes the pages with the full-page elements. It also works along with the widget supporters, the shortcode which provides with a long range of styling variations. It comes along with a time-saving preview mode and is free with updates after few intervals.

4. Elementor

It is known to be one of the most powerful plugins that provide the drag and drop function. It is also a live page builder and allows you to visualize all the drag and drop that is happening. The most attractive feature of this plugin is that it comes along with numerous widgets. It comes with the basic widgets, tabs, icons etc. it even allows you to add the widgets made by the other WordPress plugins. It starts from a range of $49.

5. Divi

It is known for its easy usage as well as fast functioning. It provides you with over 20+ layouts for a number of different websites. It allows you to create as well as save your Divi layouts. It also allows you to export the layouts. Divi comes with a long list of elements that can be dragged and dropped very easily. Its cost starts with around $69 for a year.

6. Aqua Page Builder

Aqua Page Builder
This yet another plugin from the WordPress allows you to drag and drop the elements quite efficiently. It allows you to create unlimited template variations using the drag and drop function, this is quite similar in function to the widget interface. This is a kind of the backend plugin, it is quite fast and easy to use as well as it is intuitive too. It is quite basic and hence can be accessed for free.

7. Themify Builder

Themify builder
Themify Builder is a part of the Themify plugin present in the WordPress. It is highly intuitive and comes along with a number of ready to use modules which can be added to your pages as well as the posts. It allows you to edit the pages from the live site as well as the admin area. It provides you with the live editing which helps you to visualize the things. It comes along with the ready to use layouts and has a cost of about $39.

8. Visual Composer

Visual Composer
It is one of the most popular plugins and it comes along with a number of different themes for the sale as the ThemeForest. It provides you with a front-end editing experience and you don’t need to learn much of the things. It includes about 40+ content elements as well as skin builder which is built in and helps in bringing in more colors. It has a cost of $30.

9. Page Builder with by Site Origin

Page Builder
It comes along with more than a million of the active installs. It is quite easy to use and can work with any of the standard WordPress themes. It comes with its own widgets and allows you to download some other widgets too. It comes along with a history tool which allows you to check back and undo or redo sometimes. It is a free WordPress plugin

10. MotoPress Content Editor

It is easy to use and helps you to do front end as well as the backend editings. The plugin adds the MotoPress content editor button so as to allow an easy switching. It provides you with features like WPML compatibility and allows you to extend with your shortcodes too. It has a cost ranging from $29 a year.

Final verdict:

We discussed the need of the drag and drop plugin of the WordPress and we also discussed the top and the most popular plugins these days. this article shall help you to choose the plugin that suits your requirements. All of the 10 plugins mentioned in this article works perfectly.


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  1. Hey Jitendra best listing. I want to suggest you one more drag and drop WP plugin called Avartan Slider Lite. This plugin will help you to build stunning image slider and video slider for your WordPress website. It’s a responsive plugin that supports images, YouTube, Vimeo, MP4 and WebM videos.

  2. Top 5 are absolutely best an article was written by jatinder Goswami who is my favourite

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