Drag-and-Drop WordPress Themes – Unleash Your Creativity!

Some of us are short on the time or resources required to code. But even without hiring a freelance web developer, we still want to be able to build a high-quality website. Although creating a website is challenging, modern solutions speed up this process. TemplateMonster's drag-and-drop WordPress themes are for people who prefer using visual builders. With our products, you shouldn't worry about the code. Drag the required element (sidebar, text block, etc.) from the list and drop it where you want it to be to create a layout of your choosing. Modify various parameters to get the necessary look and behavior of the object.

You should use one of these themes if you require a new website but don't want to spend any time on design. It's beneficial that you can use many of these templates for different purposes. You, therefore, are free to launch a project about anything: fashion, electronics, art, animals, food, education, entertainment, etc. It's time to select a design sample and start developing a website!

Why Is It Beneficial to You?

Even if you're not an experienced coder, these assets make it quick and simple to create your WordPress-powered site. They either already have essential site-building tools or were developed using a well-known visual editing plugin like Elementor. Furthermore, along with drag-and-drop WordPress themes, you get demo content that you can swap out for your own. You can accomplish all of this using the in-built editor.

You'll find the greatest solutions to spice up your "classic" site on this page. After all, a bland-looking website is boring in today's environment. Therefore, look no further if you require help selecting the ideal WP design for your company or personal project. You are now where you should be.

Reasons for the Best WordPress Drag-and-Drop Templates' Value

No one needs knowledge of markup to create blogs, e-shops, and landing sites, thanks to site builders supporting drag-and-drop for WordPress. Using these tools simplifies site-building without paying big money or writing endless amounts of code, regardless of your degree of knowledge or whether you're a novice or not.

Drag-and-drop WordPress themes are helpful in this situation. Anyone with no design experience can create a website that looks professional by simply dragging and dropping the widgets. You can precisely and quickly set up your web application, even if it's your first time creating one. As a result of the method' simplicity, you will save time.

Arguments in Favor of WordPress

  • A web designer's, developer's, or programmer's skills are not required. Install it once and enjoy it right away.
  • These samples include widgets that have already been optimized for mobile devices. This means that articles, videos, and graphics are already optimized for viewing on small screens like smartphones and tablets.
  • You can watch changes happen as they're made with our real-time customizer. Your changes will be visible immediately, rather than requiring you to click preview each time.
  • Installing another builder is not necessary. As there is already one included, there is no need to add a new editor.
  • Due to upscale integrations, the CMS has become more well-known worldwide. In addition to the built-in plugins, it provides access to hundreds of off-site integrations. You may explore many of them based on your project's type, specialty, and needs. You will undoubtedly discover cutting-edge add-ons for better performance, regardless of the project type.
  • Likewise, you need a reputable hosting company to complete your web project. Although there are numerous hosting providers, WordPress officially suggests Bluehost. The company provides different plan options that vary in the variety of services offered and integrated functionality.

You are welcome to develop web projects for agencies, webshops, portfolios, and more. Profit from this enjoyable website-building experience right now!

Page Builders with a Drag-n-Drop Function

If editing software matters, choose between drag-and-drop WordPress themes made for a preferred builder. Even though most people prefer a no-code editor, this does not imply that they are solely for amateurs. Visual builders aid designers in expediting the process when building unique designs. Hence, finding the ideal one for your requirements is crucial.

Let us assist you in selecting the WordPress editing plugin that best suits your requirements. Therefore, we listed them as follows:


Everyone, notably developers, marketers, small businesses, etc., can handle Elementor. Before clicking the preview button, you cannot see how the design layout appears. You can view anything in real time. This indicates that there is no need to switch to preview mode because everything is done right on the page. Additionally, you may make changes since you can view the results immediately.

Besides, Elementor offers hundreds of pre-built widgets and design possibilities for any website. Whatever you require, Elementor has it. It is the ideal option for desidevs searching for a robust toolkit since colors, fonts, etc., are adjusted quickly and accurately.


Use this plugin to quickly construct pages on your site with a distinctive appearance using the modules provided. The front-end and back-end editors are incredibly user-friendly and enable all types of users to construct imaginative and customizable web pages easily. The plugin minimizes and reduces time-consuming difficulties in site design. It offers a genuine WYSIWYG front-end editor, in contrast to many others. The plugin easily switches between the various editors with only a few clicks.

By the way, WPBakery offers specialized Monday through Saturday assistance to assist businesses in managing their projects.


Everything in Gutenberg is organized into blocks, including multimedia, headlines, paragraphs, quotes, etc. You have a lot of freedom using these blocks to include various content in your articles. In addition, you may customize the addition of separators, columns, and many more types of content to your posts and pages.

Additionally, Gutenberg offers Full-screen mode, which is fantastic and helpful for bloggers and content creators. If not in use, you can turn off full-screen mode.

Visual Composer

With Visual Composer, you can visually design the page's layout by dragging objects across the canvas. For a real-time editing experience, the editor displays changes made to the canvas immediately. Among other benefits, using your mouse, you may adjust column spacing and resize them.

Powerful features let you alter every element's appearance. Separators, buttons, rows, sliders, toggles, shortcodes, and other web components are completely in your control. You can also change the menus, logos, and sidebars in seconds.

It may seem that it's challenging to choose among all of these renowned editors. However, it would help if you considered your preferences for the user interface, functionality, and cost. For example, Elementor may be the best option due to its compatibility. It is compatible with most of the drag-and-drop WordPress themes in this collection, whether straightforward, inexpensive, or more complex and somewhat pricey.

Although you are welcome to install as many editors as you like, we suggest using only one. Many builders heavily load your hosting, which slows down your website. Therefore, to increase performance, we strongly advise installing the smallest number of plugins possible.

Drag-and-Drop WordPress Themes Features

Our solutions include the following advantages:

  • Multiple footer & header styles – ideal places for additional information;
  • WooCommerce compatibility – great for online shops or service providers;
  • Google Fonts – gives you a fuller set of text styling possibilities;
  • Elements customization – modify logos, menus, buttons, etc.;
  • WPML – translation-ready, global multilingual support;
  • Revolution slider – add impressive visual effects, like 3D parallax, video layers, and animation effects for text or images;
  • Smooth scroll – improve user experience;
  • SEO-friendly – crucial for project promotion;
  • Social media compatibility – make your brand known to new followers;
  • Customizable CSS – change the footer, header, or entire look with a few clicks.
  • Custom widgets, valid code, regular updates, professional support, MailChimp-ready, and more.

Web Forms

Online forms are becoming increasingly popular because they help collect user data and provide personalized experiences. They also help to reduce the number of abandoned carts or abandoned registrations, which is good for business.

  • Contact Form: It is a form to submit information to a site that accepts submissions. Submissions often include email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, social media profiles, and other publicly available information. Besides, a contact form allows users to submit information about themselves without creating an account. These are typically seen on platforms that want user feedback, such as marketing ones or websites providing personalization tools.
  • Newsletter Signup: It is a type of form that enables users to sign up for email updates from the business. Usually, an automated service sends out a weekly newsletter to subscribers.
  • Login/Registration: A form the visitor completes to log in or sign up. It's typically found in an account management section or at checkout.
  • Search bar: This form is placed on top of the main information and lets the visitor search for specific items and products.
  • Booking form: This allows visitors to book reservations for services such as dinner, event tickets, and online classes.

Best Drag-and-Drop WordPress Themes for Your Projects

We offer multiple templates and finding the necessary one may be challenging. Please consider reading our article dedicated to the top drag-and-drop WordPress themes to find a solution that meets your requirements.

TemplateMonster's products are excellent for commercial and non-commercial projects. They are great whether you create an international online store or a personal website to promote your services. All the included elements are optimized to minimize the loading time. They are ideal for people working on their first projects and professionals who want to save time and energy.

How To Pick the Best One After Seeing All The Options Available

It would help if you chose the WordPress drag-and-drop themes after taking into account the following:

  • Project type: It could be a landing page, blog, e-store, corporate site, etc. Make your choice, assuming each has a distinct primary role.
  • Responsive layout. Thanks to responsiveness, your web pages become user-friendly across various devices, not just PCs. One that looks flawlessly on a mobile device is a responsive template. Therefore, it is preferable to check out a theme in the demo version and try it on a smartphone and tablet before making a purchase.
  • Color and style. Remember that aesthetic appeal plays a huge role in internet marketing, and colors help people recognize brands. Try to match the color palette of your logo. In addition, if you're attempting to pick between light and dark, remember that visitors tend to choose lighter-colored pages.
  • Don't pick a difficult-to-read typeface. Streamline the browsing and search processes for users. Make sure your typefaces are eye-catching and simple to read to draw visitors to your website and keep them there. For instance, two popular categories of online fonts are character serifs and geometric sans. Besides, if you are familiar with stylesheet language, changing the font via the dashboard will be straightforward.

For extra guidance on selecting the ideal style, go through this selection of the top WP samples.

What Should I Invest in—a Free or Premium Product?

At this point, it's important to mention that not all drag-and-drop WordPress themes are cost-free and user-friendly. Some offer premium support, including flexibility in design and several other benefits. For instance, the updates are usually more secure and regular in the long run. In addition, premium products are dynamic and typically include more features than alternatives at no charge, which may help you stand out from the competition. However, all of it within the premium themes comes at a price.

On the other hand, you won't have to spend a dime on the free drag-and-drop WordPress themes because they come with no strings attached. Also, due to having less functionality than premiums, free WP templates weigh less. Therefore, they are typically faster to load. Thus, free items are an excellent choice for starters on a tight budget, but their coding may not be of the highest quality. Additionally, if you use a freebie, it won't get regular updates and maintenance.

Buying WordPress Themes with Drag-and-Drop Functionality

Acquiring our assets is easy:

  • Choose the item (check the left panel—it has useful filters);
  • Read the details to know more about the product features;
  • Add it to the cart;
  • Checkout;
  • Download, install, and activate it.

You may start using it. Please check out the live demo feature beforehand.

An Alternative Option for Buying Products on TemplateMonster

Can you imagine being able to download unlimited digital products for next to nothing? MonsterONE is a comprehensive package of digital assets and tools that caters to many graphic and web design goals. You have access to everything with the plan's fixed monthly fee. Whether you're building a site from scratch, updating an app, or needing a new layout for a presentation, you're giving soon.

This membership is good for graphic designers, marketers & promoters, web developers & site owners, speakers & presenters, etc. And most importantly, such a subscription is beneficial primarily for those who perform the same tasks (for their company or on order). In other words, you will not need to pay for each order, which can cost a tidy sum. You only need to pay a one-time lifetime subscription or a monthly/annual fee, and you can download as many assets as you like.

To download a product by subscription:

  1. Look for a template marked "ONE" in the list, visit it, and click the "Join to Download this Item for Free" red button.
  2. After that, choose a convenient plan (Creative, All-in-One, or Lifetime).
  3. You will then be redirected to the MonsterONE checkout, where you must provide your contacts and payment method.

Changing the Order of Custom Posts in Drag-and-Drop WordPress Themes

By reordering custom posts, you help people focus on important information. This video demonstrates how to reorder posts in the Appearance->Editor section.

Drag-and-Drop WordPress Themes Q&A

Why download drag-and-drop WordPress themes with a responsive design?

The responsive (mobile-friendly) layout works correctly on devices with various screen sizes. It helps to provide visitors with the best possible user experience. Although the content is unchanged, its presentation varies depending on the screen size. This can help prevent users from needing to scroll horizontally and make them more comfortable with your design.

Should I avoid free drag-and-drop WordPress themes?

Freebies do not always include the necessary features. It forces you to download and install extra plugins. Such products come without professional support. In addition, freebies are not provided for commercial use—only for educational purposes.

Can you help me maintain websites built with the best drag-and-drop WordPress themes?

Please consider requesting our maintenance service. The service covers domain name & hosting renewal, round-the-clock site monitoring, performance checks, keeping your online presence current, disposing of 404 errors, weekly webpage backups, support from the development team, and more.

Are your drag-and-drop WordPress themes safe?

They are completely safe. We test all the included elements, like plugins, to ensure the highest level of data protection.