Best WordPress Elementor Themes

Building a website is a challenging process because you need to understand various aspects of web development. Doing it from scratch, then you create everything. Customizing a website would be troublesome – you are supposed to modify the code to align various elements. If you aren’t comfortable writing the source code, consider getting TemplateMonster’s WordPress Elementor themes. It’s a visual builder with an intuitive interface. You may drag and drop the required items and modify them coding-free. It’s a good option when you want to build a page quickly. The advantages of this solution include:

  • Drag and Drop editor – add the elements fast and easy;
  • 90+ widgets – to incorporate the necessary components;
  • Responsive editing – to ensure perfect user experience no matter how large the screen size is.
  • Popup builder – to create pixel-perfect popups with advanced targeting (pro version only), and more.
  • WooCommerce builder – works with the popular eCommerce platform (pro version only).

What is Elementor and Why Choose It?

Modern website building solutions have simplified the process of creating online resources. With a handy drag-and-drop builder, you are free to build a professional online platform in minutes without any advanced coding or design knowledge.

The top choice is still WordPress. It's a flexible content management system that can be greatly expanded with themes and plugins like Elementor.

Elementor is an advanced page-building plugin. It's a powerful tool that gives you everything you need to work easily and quickly. And as a result, get high-quality products.

The plugin gives you a complete set of elements to customize the site's design and content. All changes take place in the site interface. It allows you to view the changes in real-time.

Elementor helps in making the content attractive and well-structured. It supports thousands of ready-made templates and blocks, has the drag-and-drop feature, page preview, editing from the mobile, history of changes with the restoration of the previous version, and other ready-to-use functions.

All pages and sections are available to store for reuse. Elementor is compatible with all WordPress themes.

In our collection, you may choose a ready template for any topic and build the site with a wide range of functionality, in the creation of which you are free to place elements wherever you like. And best of all, you don't need to have any coding knowledge.

Elementor gives a lot of freedom for creativity and a huge number of possibilities for you as the creator of a unique online project.

Key Features of WordPress Elementor Themes

If you think it's hard to work with Elementor, you're wrong. This plugin is quite easy to use. Because it is a tool that falls into the category of what you see is what you get/ That's why you will get to know the result once you modify it.

To edit our best Elementor themes, you can use the toolbar, which allows you to adjust the colors, fonts, spacing between symbols, layout, and more.

What appeals to users most is the drag-and-drop technology, which provides control over each separate element. You can customize almost any detail of the site's content blocks, widgets, text, images, columns, and dividers.

The key peculiarities are the opportunity to:

  • duplicate the content of blocks with a single mouse click,
  • easily undo /redo changes made.

Moreover, Elementor is compatible with such a translation plugin as WPML, which supports writing from right to left for languages such as Arabic.

Our solutions have the following advantages:

  • WooCommerce-friendly – they are suitable for your online store if you use this platform;
  • Plugins – install the required ones to get new functions;
  • WPML – incorporate new languages to appeal to a larger audience;
  • Easy to install;
  • Responsive;
  • SEO-friendly – increase the number of visitors and find potential customers;
  • Numerous layout templates – find the design you prefer;
  • Extra widgets – new functions;
  • Fully animated revolution slider;
  • Animation for custom text and images;
  • 3D parallax for the landing page – make it stand out;
  • Video layers;
  • Fully-customizable mega menu;
  • Headers and footers;
  • Complete documentation, JET plugins, high-quality images pack, and more.

Elementor WordPress Themes for Everyone

TemplateMonster products are great for everyone. They are excellent for users who build their first pages and experienced developers. Our solutions are flexible, and they can be used to build simple websites with articles or modern ones with numerous elements and video backgrounds. All the included components are optimized. Our products are excellent for online stores as well.

You may be a freelancer, a novice developer, a professional web studio, a regular business owner, or have a dream of building an awesome online product. Our offers will fully help you turn great plans into reality. If you opt for exclusive and the best themes for Elementor, feel free to make an online resource for:

  • business company,
  • IT startup,
  • pet store,
  • beauty salon,
  • cosmetology center,
  • cafes and restaurants,
  • entertainment complexes,
  • hotels and apartments,
  • architectural agency,
  • furniture store,
  • construction holding,
  • natural goods delivery,
  • lawyers' services,
  • medical facilities,
  • educational centers,
  • car repairs,
  • music contests,
  • cooking classes,
  • personal blogs, etc.

What Useful Plugins and Services for Elementor Themes are Available?

WordPress Elementor themes are highly flexible products from the side of compatibility with different extensions. This feature is what makes them popular and in-demand on the digital market.

WPML. It is a plugin designed to translate. It comes in handy when creating multilingual sites. WPML makes it possible to produce content in one language and translate it instantly. It allows you to manage translations and create professional content in several languages, which will help you reach more clients. You can use this plugin for sites of almost any orientation - news portals, business websites, portfolios, etc. WPML is also ideal for international online resources and stores designed to attract users worldwide. Besides, no special technical or programming skills are required to use the extension.

MailChimp. It is a plugin for creating mailing lists on your blog. It is considered one of the most effective systems for establishing lasting relationships with blog readers. Due to the list joining system, the audience's reaction and receptivity to the mail messages can be followed in real-time. For this reason, autoresponders have become an indispensable tool in digital marketing, and MailChimp offers the advantage of being very easy to set up as a plugin from within the WordPress blog itself. The add-on also includes monitoring statistics, message automation, and link inclusion.

Ecwid. It is a free plugin for e-commerce. It helps you add a storefront to the site from the similarly named service. You can manage the store from several sources: WP admin panel, Ecwid control panel, mobile app. The plugin is designed especially for running online stores without writing a single line of code. Theoretically, you can launch a site and start selling within minutes. Is that great? We think yes. Ecwid's interface is extremely intuitive, so you'll be able to get up to speed with it in no time. It also provides many features so that the users can sell goods from almost any niche. There's also a cross-selling feature and plenty of payment methods to choose from.

WooCommerce. It is an open-source and friendly solution. By that, we mean that web developers can customize the code to build an e-commerce store made specifically to meet their needs. So, if you have coding skills, WooCommerce is a fantastic solution. Also, if WooCommerce fails, you can quickly resolve the issues. WooCommerce also has many features, especially:

  • Reliable reporting system,
  • Materials management tools,
  • Ability to provide customers with coupons,
  • Integration with UPS, USPS, and FedEx,
  • Different payment methods: PayPal, BACS, or cash on delivery.

The above are also the hundreds of extensions you can download and use (both paid and free).

Polylang. This language plugin allows you to create multilingual sites without additional contexts. It is maximally easy to use and provides an intuitive interface. The plugin offers automatic translation of a field or fields group through Google or Yandex translate. Besides, it is possible to determine the language version of the site the first time customers visit it. You can also specify which fields should be translated automatically and configure linguistic sorting.

LearnPress. It is a complex plugin with which you may easily create and sell courses online. Each course plan can be composed of lessons and quizzes that you can manage with an easy-to-use UI. You may build websites for educational institutions, online schools, and courses without any coding knowledge. A huge advantage is that the plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes. Also, the service is translated into English, French, Italian, German, Polish, Dutch, which makes it even easier to work with it.

You can find out more about which built-in plugins are compatible with themes for Elementor by checking out the left sidebar.

Buying a WordPress Theme for Elementor

If you are our regular customer, you know that the purchase on the TemplateMonster website is the fastest, most convenient, and safe process. If you are a first-time visitor on the marketplace, then you won't have any difficulties either. To make a one-time purchase, follow these steps:

  • Find the one that you like;
  • Add it to cart;
  • Checkout;
  • Download, install and activate;
  • Start customizing.

We provide you with professional support to help you deal with any problems.

There is another way to save money and get a huge amount of web products. It is MonsterONE service, which offers three tariff plans:

  • Creative. The price is $18 for the entire month. Or you can choose the one-year plan, which costs $7.75 monthly/$93 annually.
  • All-in-one. The package costs $14.95 monthly, $179 annually.
  • All-in-one lifetime. The rate is $649 for the lifelong term.

Which is Better Premium or Free Elementor WordPress Themes?

Best WP Themes for Elementor are quite flexible products that are suitable for any project. There are many such solutions available on the digital market, and these are both paid and free options. Often the free ones are more enticing because you can download them and get started. But, there are certain disadvantages. First of all these offers are often not of high quality and downloading them you can run into viruses. Secondly, the design uniqueness is not always available, as they are in total free access for everyone. Another important aspect is functionality. In free solutions, it is poor and does not provide many tools for work. In turn, premium products have a variety and versatility. For example, each of our templates is a truly unique solution with an extraordinary design and multi-functionality, which provides a comfortable and quick setup. Besides, an important aspect is also compatibility with builders and plugins. The premium versions have a lot of extensions already built-in. Also, a big plus is that the paid items are constantly updated, which is not true for the free ones. We recommend you use cost-free items if you are a beginner or don't have enough money to buy a template. But if you can afford it, only a premium is the right solution.

Is Responsive Design Important for Best Elementor Themes?

When any customer comes across a new website or online store from a PC, in most cases, they will want to download the mobile version. After all, now it's much easier to unlock the smartphone and find the information you need or download/buy products, services, etc., in a couple of clicks. But creating applications with mobile versions of resources is quite a long and unprofitable task.

That's why in the field of web design, the easiest and, at the same time, smartest solution is responsive design.

Adaptive design is an approach in design that "adapts" to the user's behavior and his system based on screen size, platform, display orientation, etc. This approach combines different grids and layers, images, and the correct use of CSS media queries.

Currently, there are many screen sizes and orientations, either portrait or landscape. Moreover, mobile devices can now change the page orientation from portrait to landscape when you rotate it. Adaptive design works so that it looks correct and attractive on any screen resolution. This feature makes your interaction with customers much easier and makes their experience with the website much more comfortable and enjoyable. And each of our templates comes with this feature so that you can create the perfect online resource with peace of mind. Now all your users will be able to browse the platform and do various operations from any device.

WordPress Elementor Themes – Creating a 3D Parallax Effect

You can get an impressive 3D parallax feature. This video demonstrates how you may incorporate an eye-catching effect.

WordPress Elementor Themes Questions and Answers

Are all WordPress themes Elementor compatible?

It works in most cases. The products provided by TemplateMonster are fully compatible with this page-building solution. We test everything (to avoid any errors) before it appears in our marketplace.

How to customize a WordPress theme with Elementor?

You may edit it from the user interface. To modify an existing item (for example, a header), you should hover it and click the “edit” button. A panel appears on the left where various changes can be made. It allows modifying layout (height, vertical column, content positioning, etc.), style (background color, hovering effects, etc.), advanced (modify CSS attributes). You may also add elements from the left panel (buttons, images, dividers, titles, spacers, etc.).

Can I export a WordPress theme with Elementor?

Choose what you want to save, then “Edit with Elementor.” Then click on a template’s icon and “Save Template.” Name it. Now, it is in a library.

Select “Elementor” then “My Library” from the WP admin panel. Hover on the necessary template and choose “Export Template,” then give it a name and save. It will be stored as a .json file.

What WordPress themes compatible with Elementor should I use?

It would be great to find a product that comes with the required widgets, so you don’t need to download and install anything.